Zebco Spincaster Reels: Made for Beginners; Prized by the Skilled.


Zebco Spincaster Reels: for all around fishing, it just doesn’t get any better than Zebco reels
Zebco spincaster reels and other Zebco reels simply add to the fun of fishing.  They simply add fun because they are simple to use and simple to maintain.  Zebco reels, and especially, Zebco spincaster reels, make great reels for the beginner was well as the experienced angler.  The decision to own a Zebco reel is a great decision as these reels makes even the novice caster look like a seasoned pro.

The Zebco Spincaster Reel, Model 33

The spincast was invented by Zebco.  It’s just as well because nobody makes it better.  It is hard to say enough great things about the Zebco 33 Spincasting reel.  The Zebco 33 has been the mainstay and anchor point in the Zebco line longer than most of us have been fishing.   Economical, easy-to-use, simple to maintain, great for beginners, just as great for the experienced caster, the Zebco 33 has just about all you can ever want in a reel.  It is the easiest-to-use reel available.  Tangles are extremely rare.  Control with the button makes beginners look good.  The bait clicker feature even lets you know when it is time to pay some special attention to reeling in a fish.  Maintenance is simply a breeze.  If it gets wet, it is easy to take apart the large, easy-to-handle parts and dry it out.

The Zebco 33PL (Platinum model) has a 5-bearing drive, dial-adjustable drag, a continuous anti-reverse, the auto bait clicker alert, and is pre-spooled with 10-pound monofilament.  Best of all, for those of us who are left-handed, it has a changeable right-to-left retrieve.  All this for under thirty bucks.  Fantastic!

And Then Came the Zebco Omega . . . .

Maybe it is just a little more money, but the Zebco Omega is definitely a step up.  Again, with the aid of the best button made for a reel, casting is very easy to learn.  Also, with a fixed spool, backlash is impossible.  Containing everything the Model 33PL has, it also features: six stainless steel bearings (instead of five), a quick-change spool system, an ultra-smooth worm gear drive, 3X positive line pickup, a level-wind oscillating spool, triple-cam multi-disc drag, aircraft aluminum covers, the famous Zebco sealed, soft-touch, rubber thumb button, and comes pre-spooled.  Like other Zebco spincast reels, the Omega is an ideal reel for beginners and experienced fishermen alike.  This is a great all-around reel for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Pre-spooled Line Sized to Your Liking

Spincast reels come in a wide range of sizes depending on the choice of pre-spooled line.  You can buy Zebco reels pre-spool with four pound, ultra-light line that is perfect for those finicky trout you can find in mountain streams and lakes.  A medium-weight line, such as ten pound, is better suited for bass, crappie and some catfish fishing.  However, for those of you who appreciate a bit more of a fight, select a Zebco reel pre-loaded with heavier twenty pound line to give yourself a better match with the heavier summer catfish.  In addition, we carry a large assortment of other specialty line.

Even a beginner looks great behind a Zebco spincaster reel or other Zebco reel. Zebco reels are an excellent choice for a good, dependable, all-around fishing reel.  Because they are simple to use and maintain, Zebco reels simply add to the joy of fishing.  Look over the selection of Zebco spincaster reels at Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, and remember, all purchases over $60.00 ship for free.  Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has a wide line of fishing equipment and apparel.  Look through all our reels, hooks, rods and other great fishing products on our pro bass shop online.


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