Gary Yamamoto Senko Shimmies and Dances to Bring the Bass to You


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The Gary Yamamoto Senko distinguishes itself with its shimmying, shivering dance. The Gary Yamamoto Senko has a motion all its own; it is unique. Over the past five years or so, the Yamamoto Senko has become a favorite. Not only does it dance well, as it falls, the unique salt-impregnated body causes it to be a little heavier and gives it an active fall rate that the fish love. When rigged weightless, it falls horizontally and that gives it a beautiful up and down and side-to-side shimmy that attracts like crazy. Easy to rig, versatile to use, and beautiful in its simplicity, the Yamamoto Senko by Gary Yamamoto Baits is a great experience added to your day of fishing.

The Gary Yamamoto Senko Is More Than Just a Worm

Like a hot roadster is more than just a car, the Yamamoto Senko is more than just a worm. With its detail and salt-impregnated body–as Gary Yamamoto does so well–it appears to be very realistic. It is a super-worm. You can purchase the Yamamoto Senko in sizes from 7 inches down to 3 inches and different series have different chubbiness to them.

Weightless on a Texas Rig

The original designer, Gary Yamamoto, prefers fishing the Senko weightless with a Texas rig. In this way it shows its best characteristics for fall and shimmy, those characteristics he wanted when he developed it. The larger Gary Yamamoto Senko worms have brought in record setting bass. Gary also says that he will often fish the seven-inch Senko in main channel points and docks in murky and stained waters with surface chop. All in all, these are fishing spots that really do not look good to most fishermen but they produce some great catches with the right Senko set-up. With a 7-inch Gary Yamamoto Senko, you can really pull in some big ones. The most common size for general fishing is the 5-inch Senko. The 5-inch Senko is a better size for the average catch and can also be attractive to the monsters out there. 3-inch Senko s are great when fish are lethargic or when fishing for smallmouth bass and a shorter profile is desired.

A Little Longer Rod Gives Your Gary Yamamoto Senko Some Advantages

Whether you end up fishing the Gary Yamamoto Senko weightless or weighted, longer rods are great choices. We recommend the Powell 703C casting rodas a great rod that is long enough with an extra fast action for pitching and effortless casting. The idea is to be able to both pop the Gary Yamamoto Senko off the bottom about a foot and let it shimmy back down, or to use the rod to slowly sweep the Senko a few feet or so along the bottom so it appears to be crawling along. The control of the longer rod makes it possible to move the bait the way you want while at the same time being long enough to get effective hooksets with weightless presentations. While the Gary Yamamoto Senko is a target bait, usually cast right up next to brush, logs or dock posts be sure to work it in slowly if you re not bit on the first drop.

The Sugoi fluorocarbon line in 10 or 12-pound weight works well most of the time with a Senko. With its strength whatever you hook will almost always make it back to you, especially the larger ones hooked with the larger Yamamoto Senkos. For average size fish, we would recommend you use a Gamakatsu EWG 3/0 with the offset. That offset shank keeps the bait from slipping down. For larger 7 Senkos, use the heavier Gamakatsu Monster Hooks.

Fishing the Gary Yamamoto Senko

The Gary Yamamoto Senko is actually quite different from the rest of the plastic lures. It is quite effective with large and smallmouth bass, alike. The preferred way to fish it is with a simple Texas rig, weightless, but you can fish it rigged wacky-style, as well. When fishing it wacky-style, just put the hook one time through the center. When you cast it out and let it sink both ends will dance and quiver actively. While it is sinking, watch your line for a strike!

The Gary Yamamoto Senko actually works. The range of colors and styles are all worth exploring as they are all effective catchers. Picking the right combination of color and size for your particular fishing spots is no easy task and the variations available to you will certainly provide some great times and great lures.

The wide array of choices among Yamamoto Senkos will bring in a lot of bass, even in situations that do not look like they might be great fishing. Experiment with the various sizes and colors and have fun finding the right ones for you.

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