Temple Fork Outfitters Rods: A New Line on Gary Loomis Quality


An “Expensive” Rod for Under $100!

Temple Fork Outfitters Rods, the Gary Loomis Signature Series, have entered the market with a new approach to economical quality. What makes this introduction unusual is the name of the man behind their design: Gary Loomis. Gary Loomis is the same man who founded, and formerly owned, G. Loomis Rods which makes some of the best designed (and most expensive) rods available. Temple Fork Outfitters Rods benefits from Gary’s design talents but are focused on being a much more affordable line of fishing rods. Temple Fork Outfitters Rods (TFO) wants to get high quality rods into the hands of potential anglers who would otherwise not spend the necessary $400 or so to get a high-quality G. Loomis rod. TFO high-quality rods can be purchased for under $100. They call this “the affordable high-performance approach to fishing rods.” What ever they call it, you will call it very thoughtfully designed.

Temple Fork Outfitters Rods

Color Coding: A Great Idea Whose Time Has Come

All the Temple Fork Outfitters rods have cork ends and cork grips for the optimum in comfortable feel. The rods have SIC guides that are made of some of the hardest materials available for guide insert rings. The rod butts are color-coded, so at a glance, you can tell the rod’s power.

  • Copper is light power.
  • Silver is medium-light.
  • Temple Fork Outfitters RodsGold is medium power.
  • Red is medium heavy.
  • Black is heavy power.

The color coding, a genuinely brilliant idea, makes it simple to find the right one in your selection. All of the TFO rods have a fast action tip that makes casting easier. The rods come in both spinning and casting styles, depending on your preferences.

The Beauty is in the Details

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop’s website describes in detail the specifics of each rod. Lengths vary up to 7′6″ and there are also estimations of the recommended weight for your selection of bass lures. That way you can match your preferred fishing lures’ weight to a particular rod for optimal performance. Also described is the recommended pound test lines to be used on these particular rods. TFO’s lightest rod is only 6′ long. The recommended line for these in the spinning collection is between the 2 pound and 6 pound test.

Even a Line for Heavy Fish

In the casting rod line, the heaviest is 7′6″ in length and is suitable for ounce and a half bass lures tethered by 10 pound to 25 pound test line. That is quite a range of selections in the TFO line for everyone’s preferred fishing style, species of fish. These are heavy enough for flipping for bass or even muskie fishing but it’s the great price of TFO’s Gary Loomis Signature Series that simply can’t be beat.

Temple Fork Outfitters RodsWe Have the Full Spectrum of Quality Rods

For the person who is not looking for an entry level rod, and is instead looking for the very best in the ultimate fishing rod, the place to look is in the original G. Loomis line. Look at the G. Loomis NRX rod. This is a new collection and the prices range to about $500. This new series represents the culmination of what G. Loomis has been doing since they first opened their doors. The G. Loomis NRX is the best bass fishing rod ever made, according to the manufacturer.

All these casting rods have extra-fast actions where the very tip of the rod bends the most. They still have a very powerful backbone for landing the heavy ones. The casting rods are available in lengths from 6′8″ to 7′5″ with many choices in between. They are also one-piece rods which tends to give them the ultimate in lightness, durability with no weak points. Each has the highest quality reel seats, grips and guides available. They are priced for the expert, starting at $450 and going up to $500 a piece.

Another brand (if G. Loomis is not your preferred make) is the Shimano Cumulus casting and Shimano Cumulus spinning rod lines. Their aim is to make the lightest fishing rods ever built. Shimano claims that if you match up the rods with one of the Core 50 or Stradic CI4 fishing reels, you will have a rod and reel setup that weighs 10 ounces or less even with the line on it. These rods are so light that Shimano even advertises how much they weigh in grams so people can compare and contrast what they are looking in extreme lightness.

All pro bass shop fishing supplies of $50 or more ship from Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop for free, by ground, in the continental United States. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at our toll-free number, (866) 993-1139. All the staff are professional and tournament fishermen who are eager to answer your questions.


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