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The Red Eye is Up and Running at This Year’s Big Tournaments

Strike King CrankbaitsStrike King Crankbaits make one of the hottest crankbaits of the year, the Strike King Red Eye Shad 1/2 ounce lipless, vibrating shad. The Red Eye Shad has been on of the winning fishing lures at several of this year’s huge tournaments. At first sight, the Red Eye might remind you of a Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, but the similarity ends with the appearance. Strike King crankbaits come in numerous sizes and colors and are adorned with large, bright eyes of red and gold. There are more than thirty-five different colors of these bass lures, just in the half-ounce size alone! Other varieties include the Red Eye Shad 1/4 ounce and Red Eye Shad 3/4 ounce. That allows you when fishing with crankbaits to either downsize a little, or to scale up to pull giants out of the water.

Kevin VanDam’s Strike King Pro Model Series

Strike King CrankbaitsStrike King Crankbaits are sharing the limelight with Kevin VanDam’s professional fishing fame. He used the Strike King Red Eye Shad to win one of the major tournaments last year. In conjunction with Strike King, Kevin VanDam is introducing the Strike King Series 3 Pro Model Diving Crankbaits, Series 5 and Series 6. The Pro Model Series numbers indicate the heavier and deeper of the deep diving crankbaits with Model 3 being the lighter and shallower. The Model 5 weights a half-ounce and comes in seventeen different colors. The Model 3 comes in nineteen different colors while the Model 6 is available in sixteen different colors. Between the Red Eye Shad and the Pro Model Series, there are well over 100 different models and colors to choose from and that means any fisherman can find one of these bass fishing lures to suit him or her perfectly.

Two New Strike King Crankbaits Are Making a Great Showing

Strike King has introduced two other new models: The Strike King Tour Grade Crankbaits Series 3 and Series 5. Strike King has arranged for its long list of professional fishermen to design the color schemes for these models with unique colors. These special color designs are only available on the Tour Grade models.

And Still, There Are More Strike King Crankbaits

Another of the new hot baits from Strike King provides something that’s perfect for the fisherman who likes suspended fishing. It is the Strike King Sexy Spoon series. The Sexy Spoon is available in 4 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ models, perfect for those seeking out fish who like to hang suspended in the water.

Strike King Crankbaits

Strike King Has Spinnerbaits for You, Too

Strike King has lures for fishermen using spinnerbaits. Spinnerbait fishermen can find the Premier Plus Spinnerbaits in 1/4″3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes in the Strike King line. The spinnerbaits feature a combination Colorado and willow-leaf blade design. The two blades (a small Colorado and a large willow) give the spinnerbaits the ultimate in versatility. The combination of two different kinds of blades makes it work well in either muddy or clear waters.

Strike King Combinations Make Up One of the Hottest Jig Setups Around

The Strike King lineup also includes bass jigs such as the Football Jigs 1/2 ounce1/4 ounce and 3/8 ounce sizes. The Bitsy Bug Jig in 1/4 ounce and 3/16 ounce are also popular, especially when outfitted with a swimming jig head. If you add to these jigs a trailer using the plastic Bitsy Bug Crawfish, you will be fishing with one of the hottest jig setups in the country.

Ugly to You is Delicious to the Bass

Finally, the Strike King lineup includes a lure made to catch giant bass. This lure is the King Strike Iguana, a 10-inch lizard fished on fishing rigs such as the Carolina rig or Texas rig. That combination is designed just so you can successfully hunt the biggest fish in the water.

Beyond Strike King is Lucky Craft

Luckycraft LVRIf you like Strike King Crankbaits, but want to have more of the ultimate in lipless vibrating crankbaits quality, then you may want to step up to the Lucky Craft lures. Lucky Craft manufactures six different models of lipless vibrators ranging from the LVR Mini to the LVR D10. They offer any angler the opportunity to choose the custom color he or she feels will be the most productive. Sizes, shapes and colors are in abundance provide almost a limitless range of choices. Lucky Craft’s attention to quality and detail means you will have the finest components coupled with the sharpest hooks. Diving crankbaits come in so many varieties that it can be a little difficult to choose the ones you want. Lucky Craft makes more than twenty models including the newest and hottest Lucky Craft’s RC Series. This series is the one designed by Rick Clunn. The RC series comes in the 1.5 and 2.5 silent models as well as 1.5 rattling and 2.5 rattling ones. The new silent ones are taking the tournament circuit by storm.

Free Shipping on Most Orders

At your online pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, an order of $50 or more will always get you free ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Check our home page for current weekly specials and featured bass fishing tackle. If you have questions about Strike King Crankbaits, other fishing products, and even fishing techniques, our expert staff of professional, tournament fishermen is here to help you. Call us toll-free at (866) 993-1139 or in Arizona at (602) 993-1139.


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