Spoon Fishing, a Technique Deadly to Fish


Are You Ready to Spoon Up the Fish?

Spoon fishing is a deadly technique to use for catching many kinds of fish, and Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop carries spoon fishing lures for fishing everything from trout, to pike, to bass. From the tiniest trout to the largest bass spoon fishing lures, or spoons, work great and the new flutter-spoon technique is taking bass fishing by storm. With a wide variety in spoon fishing lures, Fisherman’s Choice is one of the best bass fishing tackle shops to help you find the bass fishing tackle you need for the type of angling you enjoy.

The Best of Spoon Fishing

Spoon fishing is done with lures as small as 1/16 ounce and 1 inch long up to more than 5 inches. One of the best known baits for spoon fishing is the Acme Kastmaster Spoon. Acme Kastmaster Spoons come in 1/12 ounce1/8 ounce1/4 ounce3/8 ounce1/2 ounce3/4 ounce1 ounce1 1/2 ounces, and 2 ounces. Fisherman’s Choice has them all in stock.

Kastmaster Spoon Fishing is Popular to Say the Least

Everyone who has ever fished anywhere has seen or used a Kastmaster at some point. They are that popular! The beauty of a Kastmaster as a spoon fishing bass lure is in its simple design of a plain flap of metal in gold, silver, or copper. It casts like a bullet and can be fished by swimming it quickly or letting it sink deeper. It pulls in fish extremely well, although given its simplicity no one seems to know exactly why.

A Kastmaster spoon fishing lure mimics a minnow quite well and can also appear like a wounded bait fish. Any fisherman should have spoons available around boiling striper or bass when they have the shad trapped near the surface. Because the Kastmaster casts so well you can throw it into the boils when they otherwise seem just out of range of a normal cast.

If It’s About the Trout

For the trout fisherman, we have the Super Duper in 1 1/2 inch and 1 1/8 inch made by Luhr Jensen. Also the Wittman Z-Ray is a fantastic trout fishing spoon and come in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 ounce weights. The Z-Ray is so effective at hooking trout that it simply doesn’t pay to go on a trout fishing trip without one of these. The Acme Fiord Spoon in 1/8 ounce and 1/4 ounce is a little gold piece of flame that is hot for trout.

Spooning Bass from the Deep

With specialized techniques, spoon fishing can take you into a more specialized type of bass-fishing. When bass have bait fish surrounded at deeper depths – 20 to 40 feet deep – and not boiling at the surface, such times can call for spoons. On sonar, this fishing scenario looks like the bait fish are forming a round ball with the bass around the ball, suspended well above the bottom. Then, it is time to try deep fishing with spoons to get those bass into the boat. The technique is similar for all sizes and models but some of the best will be the heavier spoons, like the 5-inchers. Many fishermen are often surprised that bass will actually eat spoons that big, but they certainly do!

Spin and Flutter: A Deadly Combination

The Blade Runner (Duh) Spoons from 3/4 ounce to 1 3/4 ounces are some of the most popular traditional type deep fishing spoons. Flutter spoon fishing models are generally longer, larger types (up to 5 1/2 inches) made by Lake Fork Tackle, or try the Nichols’ Lake Fork Flutter Spoon 4 and Flutter Spoon 5, the Strike King Sexy Spoon and the Terminator Pirk Minnow. When cast, they tend to spin or flutter as they fall through the water and that attracts the attention of the fish. The fluttering makes the spoon fishing lures appear like a dying bait fish and the bigger fish will look to scoop them up immediately.

Luhr Jensen’s Crippled Herring is a very popular classic spoon that is simple in design, inexpensive, and available in a multitude of colors. In the recent two or three years, the style of spoons has been changing. What were once simple slabs of metal are now becoming very big, very colorful, and very detailed. The new generations of spoon fishing lures are far from the simple designs of years gone by. One example of the newer generation of spoons is the Revenge Jigging Spoon, a beautiful bass lure which has excellent detail and great coloring that makes it very realistic looking.

Where to Spoon Up the Deals

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop offers great variety, great prices, and great advice. Our staff are all professional tournament fishermen and they want to help you get the most out of your fishing trip. Remember, all purchases of $50 or more receive FREE ground shipping.


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