Spinning Fishing Rods Buyer’s Guide


Learn the Best Way to Choose Spinning Fishing Rods and Reels

Having the right spinning fishing rods and reels for the fishing situation directly correlates to how much fun fishing can be. The wrong spinning fishing rods and reels combination can make fishing too taxing and too much work. Fishing is supposed to be a leisurely, enjoyable pastime, not work. Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, can provide you with the right spinning fishings rods and other equipment as well as advise you on the best fishing situations to maximize the enjoyment.

Spinning Fishing Rods Come with Big Advantages

Perfect for Light Baits and Long Distances

When you want to use light live baits and light fishing lures, spinning fishing rods are for you.  However, spinning fishing rods will work equally well with larger tackle and when you are casting for huge distances. Spinning fishing rods can be up to twelve feet long, or longer, especially when surf casting or used for distance casting competitions.

Bass Fishing Techniques are Easier

Yamamoto Senko

Certain bass fishing lures and techniques are easier to learn, and work better, with spinning fishing rods. Learning to become proficient with a spinning fishing rod takes only about a day. One technique you can quickly learn with a spinning rod is skipping. Skipping is useful when fishing in lakes containing docks where fish like to congregate. It is a lot easier to reach them with spinning fishing rods when you can skip the lure under the dock.  On calm water tie on a weightless 5” Senko, aim about 5 feet away from you and cast sidearm hard at the water, as if you were trying to skip a stone. When executed properly the Senko will hit the water and bounce, then begin skipping across the surface just barely out of the water. Once you see how it works you can refine that ability until you can make effortless casts and the Senko will skip along like an escaping baitfish, that a hungry bass can see coming and gobble up when it stops.

Tight Spaces Become Easy Targets

When casting a Yamamoto Senko into the dock, for example, the bait will skip in under the dock where it will be able to sink into the shaded area. Such a maneuver is much easier to do because of the specific design of a spinning rod. Many experienced fishermen like to use spinning fishing rods when fishing light dropshots, especially when trying to fish small, light baits directly underneath the boat. You’ll see it’s easy to let the bait drop straight down to the bottom. Spinning fishing rods can also be good for baitcasting plugs and throwing long distances. Everyone can fish with spinning fishing rods; it takes only quick instruction (bait casting reels and rods are not so easily learned).

What are the Top-Rated Choices Among Spinning Fishing Rods?

Shimano, a very popular brand among fishermen, manufactures a great line of spinning rods.  They produce a full range of rods with a spectrum of prices. A good entry-level rod with good quality will cost around $40. The newest addition to the Shimano line, the Shimano Voltaeus, is such an example. The Voltaeus prices range from $39.99 to $49.99. It’s an especially good selection for the price, however you can find spinning fishing rods for as low as $29.99 (we have them in stock).

The ultimate and lightest spinning fishing rods made are the Shimano Cumulus rods and they are priced just under $400. Being so light, it’s a dream – virtually effortless to use. In between the Voltaeus and the Cumulus, there are 7 other models from which to choose- just in the Shimano lineup.

Use Lighter Lines

Lighter fishing lines are a natural fit with spinning fishing rods because the light weight combined with the flexibility of the rod works so well.

Daiwa Coastal SpinningMatching the Spinning Rods with the Proper Reel

  • Having a matched set is important. Some companies specifically make rods to match the reels.  Daiwa Reels is famous for that and even label their matched rods and reels with the same name.
  • Pay particular attention to the size of the reel. Note the size of the guides on the rod and the distance the reel would hang from the rod. If a rod is designed for small reel, it will not work well at all with a larger one. Noting the first guide above the reel and comparing it to the reel’s spool size is very telling.
  • You cannot get away with a large reel on a rod designed for a small one. This is a very important aspect of the “satisfaction and fun-factor.” Commonly used Shimano reels (Models 2500 or 1000) have their own different size of spool on each. You can get away with a tiny reel on a rod designed for a large one, but it becomes clumsy and not as fun to use.

The e21 Carrot Stix is Hot

While shopping, check out the e21 Carrot Stix Spinning. Carrot Stix rods come in numerous styles and they are well worth your time to look through. If the variety confuses you, call us (866-993-1139) and we will help you with that.

Let the pro bass shop experts at Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop guide you in your selection of rods, reels, and lures. ALL of our staff are professional, tournament fishermen and love to see others successful at fishing. Feel free to call us at our toll-free number, (866) 993-1139 or locally at (602) 993-1139 or buy your favorite rod and reel combo in our online store.

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  1. David says:

    When doing a lot of casting with a spinning setup, I find a reel with a “trigger” bail release very useful. The trigger allows you to both pick up the line and open the bail at the same time. This speeds up the casting process and helps you to cover more water in less time.

    Several companies make this type of reel including Daiwa, Shakespeare and Shimano. Each company uses different names including Underspin trigger, EZ Cast and QuickFire. There are fewer models of this type available but they are well worth the search.

    Good fishing!

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