Spinnerbaits: an appetizing last supper for bass


Spinnerbaits attract the bass

Spinnerbaits are one of the most “attractive” of all bass lures. Spinnerbaits–wire baits attached with trailers to the bodies–imitate bait fish and are basic to bass fishing. Just about every manufacturer makes one. When a bass fisherman wants to buy a new lure and does not know what to buy, they often buy spinnerbaits. However, like everything else, some are better choices than others and combining with the right rod, reel, and line can make a lot of difference.

Spinnerbait Choices

Hildebrandt Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits- Hildebrandt The Blade

Professional fishermen refer to spinnerbaits as blades. Who knows where that caught on, but some spinnerbaits actually carry the name. Hildebrandt, a high quality manufacturer of spinnerbaits, makes two very popular spinnerbaits which are The Blade 1/4 ounce, 3/8 ounce and 1/2 ounce. and the Tin Roller 3/4 ounce and 1 ounce. The Blade is specifically made for clear water fishing where its appearance prompts fish to feed on its lifelike looks. Constructed of tin, it can be retrieved more slowly than lead lures of the same size. That helps a lot when the fishing is tougher.

Luckycraft Spinnerbaits

spinnerbaits - luckycraft redemption spinner

Luckycraft Lures makes what many consider the high-quality, ultimate spinnerbait, the Redemption Spinner. A premium spinnerbait designed by Skeet Reese and engineered with Luckycraft’s cutting-edge crankbaits technology. A little on the expensive side, the quality is superb and when it comes to catching bass, it is well-worth the investment.

Booyah Spinnerbaits

booyah blade

At the other end of the price spectrum is the very popular range of models and colors collectively referred to as the Booyah Blade. There are many models available to accommodate the variety of combinations of willow leaf and Colorado blade (the rounded, deep-cut blade), and (of course) the wide range of color combinations that are most popular. The willow leaf models tend to be fished faster and have a lot of flash. Colorado leaf models have a lot more “thump” vibration, that makes those models better to fish in deeper or stained water where the “thump” helps the bass find the bait. The combination combines the advantages of the two: quick and vibrating at the same time.

Strike King Spinnerbaits

strike king premier plus

The Strike King Premier Plus in three sizes: 1/4 ounce, 3/8 ounce, and 1/2 ounce is another popular spinnerbait. Its popularity is due to its great quality at a good price with many color choices. It may not be the very best bait, but it is certainly at a price advantage over its competition.

Where to take the spinnerbaits

Generally, fishermen fish the willow leaf lures at shallow depths and around brush and structures where speed helps. They can also be fished deep but the Colorado is the one that can reach down 30 feet without any problems. As the Colorado variety falls, it spins if you let it fall on a flat line. Once the desired depth is reached, the fisherman pulls it slowly to set the vibration in the bass “find-me” mode. The best fishing, though, is found in the shallow flats that are thick with cover. Weeds, rocks, stumps, and bushes are all prime fish holding cover. A good combination is with the Reaction Innovations Little Dipper or Skinny Dippers trailer in light colors and add your choice of Gamakatsu trailer hooks attached to the main hook to catch the short-strikers.

Lines, Reels, and Rods

Pull spinnerbaits with a line in the 12 pound test range. That line is strong enough to get the bait out of the weeds when they get stuck. When the line is mounted on one of our good quality bait casting reels, you can expect to cast the spinnerbait with ease and get it back through the brush. We would recommend the Shimano Curado E Series and particularly the CU-200E7 model. It is a great high-speed reel with both good pricing and high quality.

A person can’t go wrong using the E21 Carrot Stix as the rod of choice. The E21 comes in many different choices, but our choice is the CLTX-691P-M-C Crankin. This is a medium power, moderate action casting rod 6-feet, 9-inches long and is perfect for spinnerbaits. Its price is $149.95 which is THE best price you will be able to find.

Did we miss mentioning your favorite?

Be assured that we probably have it and at the best price. Check out all the spinnerbaits on our pro bass shop website. We will also ship your order of $50.00 or more absolutely free, anywhere in the continental USA.

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has a walk-in store at 13615 North 35th Avenue Suite 8, Phoenix AZ 85029 USA. If you are ever in town, we would love to serve you personally. We are always available for suggestions and advice. We love talking fish! If you can, come on in!


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