Shimano Curado Is the Best Reel for the Money


Shimano Curado: High Quality, Low Price

Shimano Curada

Shimano Curado makes a line of baitcasting reels. Probably the most popular of all baitcasting reels in the country today is the Shimano Curado E Series Model 200. There are actually two sizes of reels: the 200 series and the 300 series.

The new 200s are actually smaller than the old 100 but holds even more line than the 200HSV model. Within those two sizes there are actually five subtypes of the Shimano Curado:

  • Model 200E5 (5:1 retrieve ratio),
  • Model 200E7 (7:1 retrieve ratio),
  • Model 201E7 (Left-handed version),
  • Model 300E (6.2:1 retrieve and larger capacity), and
  • Model 301E (Left-handed version).

All 200s sell for $179.99 and all 300s sell for $249.99. While the 200 series holds a respectable 110 yards of 14-pound line, the 300s will hold 190 yards of 14-pound line—that is almost 75% more line capacity. That is excellent for such a small profile reel.

The Shimano Curado Model 200 is an extremely high quality reel at an especially good price. The E5’s 5:1 retrieve is ideal for deep diving crankbaits or when you desire more power in the retrieve, making it easier to drag through the underbrush or reeling in the really big ones. Shimano Curado series reels are comfortable to use and easy to cast, even all day long. On top of that, they are good looking reels, decked out in a sparkly-green color.

Inside the Shimano Curado

The anti-rust bearings and high-quality drag system provides effortless casting as well as prevents saltwater intrusion. There is a quick-adjust side plate for adjusting the centrifugal brakes. The brakes enable the fishermen to fine-tune to technique and wind conditions. The Shimano Curado’s variable braking system greatly reduces backlashing when casting toward the blowing wind. The High-Efficiency Gearing (that’s what the HEG stands for), with its over-sized gears and pinion gearing system supported by the Super-Free Bearing, gives the fisherman more fish-moving power.

Large handles and quality grips add to the ease and comfort of fishing with the Shimano Curado and that is just part of the design providing an effortless fishing day. In fact, it is very easy to spend the whole day with the Shimano Curado without getting tired. Thumb bar casting was once a hot new innovation but is now a common feature. Because of the new, smaller size of the reel, the Shimano Curado now works better on the high end graphite rods because they are so much lighter and smaller. It seems impossible, but the continuing evolution of the Shimano Curado has been smaller, lighter, and better quality. We don’t see how they could evolve this one to make it any better.

Selecting Your Line: A Tip for Braid Users

A high quality monofilament is what people usually put on these reels, but some people want to use braid, so here’s a tip. If a person wants to use braid, make sure to spool up about 20-30 feet of monofilament first and then tie the braid to that. If you put on braid only, it will spin on the inside when casting because it won’t stick to the spool and that makes a mess. Always put on quality monofilament first.

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