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Unique, Interesting, and Fun to Catch Fish

Sebile LuresSebile Lures is an international bait making and marketing company that creates unique bass fishing tackle that are very popular among fishermen. Sebile Lures is the manufacturer that you many have heard of at the ICAST 2009 show. They won the best soft bait award with their Magic Swimmer bass lure. The Magic Swimmer has been on center stage at this year’s professional tournaments and has helped anglers capture fish and win hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bass lures come with a soft weight system that won the Best Accessory Tournament Tackle shown at 2010 ICAST in Las Vegas and is now available to you.

Award Winning Weight Bait

At the shows, Sebile Lures demonstrated the tungsten weight bait and how the weight can be added or removed to adjust the bait’s action. The Magic Swimmer Soft 130 (the soft bait version) in five fish-catching colors is the natural transition from the award-winning Magic Swimmer (the hard bait version). The hard bait comes in five different sizes: 82 mm95 mm110 mm125 mm, and 165 mm (25 millimeters = 1 inch)

Soft or Hard, They’re Still Magic Swimmers

Both soft and hard versions of Sebile Lures’ Magic Swimmers are jointed swimming baits in three sections that enable it to have a sinuous swimming motion throughout its thin and balanced design. The three jointed parts make a rhythmic dance, which is totally unique to this lure. They mimic a baitfish very well, and this natural free-swimming motion is guaranteed to create strikes.

Sebile Lures -Spin ShadTake a Spin with a Spin Shad

The hottest new bait from Sebile Lures is the Spin Shad which was also a winner at ICAST as the Best New Hard Bait. It looks like crankbaits but has a single hook and a tail spinner on the back. The tail, which is actually a single blade, is designed to spin and vibrate at all times, rocking the entire body. The real beauty of this bait is that it’s a sinking bait and can be counted down and retrieved to and from any depth. It is available in four tasty-looking colors.

Bonga on Top

For the topwater baits enthusiast, Sebile Lures makes the Bonga Minnow 72 (2 4/5 inches) and Bonga Minnow 95 (3 2/3 inches). This topwater bait is unlike any other. It has extremely strong components that make a great combination with super braided fishing line. Unique to Bonga Minnow is the fact that it has an oily sparkly fluid on the inside. Even if the bait is sitting still, the thick liquid on the inside sloshes. The oil moves around inside the bait making it sparkle and shimmer. The Model 72 is a 3/8 ounce bait and the Model 95 is a 3/4 ounce bait.

Crankster, a Deep Running Bass Prankster

Another fine example is the Spin Shad 66, which weighs right at 3/4 ounce. It comes in seven different colors. The Sebile Lures Crankster Medium Runner Diving Crankbait is designed to run at four to six feet depths and comes in fifteen different colors. You are sure to find at least one that looks interesting and appetizing to the fish.

Sebile Lures at the End of the Line

Sebile Lures - Koolie MinnowLast but not least is the Koolie Minnow 90 and the Koolie Minnow 102. These are perfect for the rip bait enthusiast. The have a unique shape with an arched back instead of the straight stick style usually found on other similar baits. Sebile Lures has thirteen different models of bass fishing lures and the extreme attention to every detail means you cannot go wrong with anything in the Sebile line.

Alternatives on a Budget

Zoom FlukeThere may be some fishermen who feel Sebile Lures’ Magic Swimmer is out of their price range, but we have similar baits that are almost as good. Take a look at the old standby, the Zoom Fluke. It is an incredible value and comes in four different sizes: the traditional Fluke, the Super Fluke Jr., the Super Fluke and the Magnum Super Fluke. All of them are popular and inexpensive. You can get ten for $2.50, or five Magnum Super Flukes for the same price. The most popular of all of them is the Super Fluke which comes in a variety of seventeen different colors and a Ten-Pack. Rig these baits on your favorite weighted, wide gap hook, such as the Falcon Bait Jerker hooks. These hooks are available in seven different models of different weights and strengths that will match the Fluke you want to use.

Get Free Shipping When You Order

Best of all, at your pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, you can buy all your Sebile Lures and other fishing gear. On any order of $50 or more, we will ship it by ground, free, in the continental United States. We are always available for advice and tips. Call our staff of professional tournament fishermen at our toll-free number, (866) 993-1139 or in Arizona, (602) 993-1139. Also, check out the weekly specials and our featured items on our website’s homepage.


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