Roboworm Bass Fishing is Productive and Comes with Its Own Variety


Roboworm EZ-Shad

Roboworm: not the stiff, head-swiveling, tough guy that Robocop brings to mind, Roboworm is a fishing lure manufacturer that makes several models in several sizes, and pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, has several custom made just for our customers. Roboworm baits are not difficult to fish and you can adapt them to many methods for rigging them.

Roboworm’s Unique Designs

Roboworm ReBarb HookFisherman’s Choice Pro Shop sells sixteen different types of Roboworm plastic worms. Additionally, we have two shads and their two flipping baits. One outstanding feature of Roboworm’s design is the use of the unique ReBarb Hook. The Robo ReBarb Hook was designed specifically for fishing any super-soft plastic worms. The barb, which is plastic, is molded to the shank and serves to hold the worm on the hook tightly and straightly. The worm is prevented from creeping down on the hook when you drag it over or through brush and rocks. One nice feature of these specially designed hooks is that it reduces your rigging time and actually reduces the usage of worms when they are rigged correctly on the hood.

Roboworms also come in fat-bodied, “chubby” sizes and those are incredibly popular for bass fishing with techniques and rigging such as dropshot or Texas rig. Robo hooks are also available in light and medium wire for different worm sizes. This hook is a great investment when split-shotting or finesse Texas rig fishing. Another popular method is fishing them in the shakey head styles.

Exclusive Salt Release System

Roboworms are made with an Exclusive Salt Release System and that helps the bait feel good and natural to the bass and they want to keep them. As the salt dissipates, the lure rises slowly from the bottom over about 30 minutes providing a life-like floating action. Most worms only have salt on the outside, but not so for the Roboworm. Their salt embeds deeply into the head.

Several Roboworms Are Made Specifically for Fisherman’s Choice

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has several Roboworms made specifically to their specifications based on what our customers want. That includes seven different models of straight tail worms ranging in length from 4 1/2 inches to 7 inches in standard and chubby models. These special ones are not generally available anywhere else and they come in custom colors, too. We also have two models made specifically for flipping and pitching baits like Pitchin Kraw 4-inch craw and SourPuss 4-inch.

Try Flip and Pitch with the Larger Ones

Roboworm makes seven models of straight tail worms from 4 1/2 to 7 inches in standard and two models of flipping and pitching baits: the Pitchin Kraw and SourPuss. These lures are great for pitching, flipping, and Carolina rigging. For Carolina rigging, the Roboworm Robo Tail 7 1/2 inch or for pitching try the Roboworm Pitchin Kraw 4-inch which works well with Carolina rig, too. For spitshotting, try the Roboworm Curly Tail in either the 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 inch sizes.

Roboworm Zipper

There are several different models of Roboworm Zipper worms that have ribbed bodies and in those models there are two straight-tail and two curly tail versions and a shorter, Roboworm Zipper Jr. at 4 inches. Also, take a look at the Roboworm Shakin Zipper in 5-inch and 6-inch sizes.

Whether Fishing Large- or Small-mouth Bass, There’s a Roboworm for You

Roboworms are superior lures for any small and large mouth bass fishing. The Roboworm Skulpin is especially popular in the northeastern lakes and in the Midwest where there are skulpin naturally residing in the waters. They come in 4-inch length and a 6-inch length when you like fishing for the more aggressive bass.

Easy to fish, the Roboworm baits can be adapted to riggings and methods you like. Add to that, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has several made to its specifications and colors so you can have the Roboworm baits that our customers request. As effective at capturing bass as Robocop is at catching bad guys, Roboworm has one more attribute Robocop does not have: they are flexible.

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