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River2Sea Lures Makes Clever Baits

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When it comes to River2Sea Lures, you can buy anything you want and the pricing of it is pretty good—that may be one of the reasons that make them so popular. River2Sea Lures makes a complete line of bass fishing lures including topwater crankbaits, bass jigs, and tungsten weights. All of them have fun names and a wide range of styles and colors.

One of the really fun ones is  River2Sea Lures’ Nest Raider. The Nest Raider is an imitation water dog designed for bedding fish. It comes in really cool colors and two sizes: a 5-inch version (Nest Raider 128) and a 7.5-inch one (Nest Raider 190). They are great for sight fishing bass. You fish them by placing them over their bedding spots. The fish hate them and love to attack them because the water dogs that they resemble eat their eggs. To protect them they will quickly come out of hiding and try to kill them.

River2Sea lures Nest Raider 128

The River2Sea Lures’ Crystal Buzz is not so commonly known. It is a topwater lure styled as shads and minnows and has some really fine features. It has a flat head designed to keep in on the surface and a rotating blade that spins against the water. They are also made with a premium silicone skirt in great colors. Its flatness makes it skim upwards and that makes it easy to fish it right on the surface. It pops to the surface much faster than conventional head designs and the head/spinner combination also allows for a slower retrieve. The blades flutter and the bait follows just under the water.

River2Sea Lures has a new flipping jig in their line that is hand-tied and designed to penetrate denser cover to drag the bass out fighting. The Junk Grenade 1/2-ounce and the Junk Grenade 3/8-ounce both have tungsten rattles and a custom head painted with natural matte finish paint. The hand-tied rubber skirts and silicone accents make for more flash and action. The sink rate is noticeably slower on the 3/8-ounce. Just that little extra difference seems surprising, but there is a difference in the rate. The Junk Grenade works better in shallow water but if you want to go deeper use the 1/2-ounce version.

River2Sea Lures Makes Innovative Weights

river2sea weights trash bomb

A really fine flipping weight is the River2Sea Lures Trash Bomb. The Trash Bomb comes in two sizes: 1-ounce and 1 1/2-ounce. It has a black matte finish and that finish avoids spooking fish by eliminating the flash caused by glossy finishes. It is designed to throw short distances in really heavy brush and weeds. The weight penetrates the canopy of the weeds that pile up under the surface and gets through them to get to the fish that sit underneath it.   It takes your plastic River2Sea lures in there where the fish are waiting for them.

River2Sea Lures has many other tungsten weights including those for dropshotting. The Nail Sinker weights (1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 15/16-inch) with a clear matt finish are designed to push inside the bait to weight it down. It has tiny barbs that help the weight stay in place. Since it is tungsten, it has a smaller profile than lead and, thus, reduces impedance of the hookset.

Great Rods and Reels to Accompany River2Sea Fishing

fenwick techna baitcasting reels

For use on the topwater baits like the Crystal Buzz, a good rod to use is a Fenwick Techna AVC-70MF which has medium power and fast action. It is perfect for throwing buzz baits. Use a 10-12 pound monofilament line with a high speed reel such as the Abu Garcia Revo SKT high speed 6.4:1 retrieve. It is build with 11 high-quality bearings and has a very small profile beautifully colored in a yellow and black bumble-bee color combination. The Revo SKT is the top of the Abu Garcia line. Everything on it is perfect for buzz bait. You will love it. The price is $279.95 but worth every single penny and will last you forever.

G. Loomis Flipping Stick

A good flipping rod for the Junk Grenade would be the G Loomis Flipping Stik Model BCFR894-GLX at $470.00. It is a little bit expensive but is well–suited to the task of flipping the Junk Grenade and many other lures.  Coupled with a Shimano Curado E Series Model CU200E5 with its lower gear and the power of a 5:1 retrieve, it is made for pulling out the big ones in the deep weed cover. The line to use for this is a braided fishing line in 50-60 pound test strength. Remember when you use braided fishing line you should spool on your reel about thirty feet of good monofilament line first and then tie on the braided line. If you don’t, you will see the braid de-spool inside and that is not pretty and really annoying.

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