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Some of our favorites from Reaction Innovations include “The Beaver” and “The Big Unit”
Reaction Innovations make a lot of products. Reaction Innovations’ specialties include very popular lures in plastic baits, spinnerbaits, jigheads, and hardbaits. All Reaction Innovations’ lures have pretty clever names, usually with some subtle sexual innuendo that makes the male fishermen smile, but not so much the ladies. However, their interest is not in clever names; their interest is in productivity at catching fish—bass, particularly. Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, has a wide selection and a wide variety of Reaction Innovations lures, each at economical prices. Three of their popular lures are the Beaver and the worm called The Big Unit, and the Skinny Dipper.

Leave it to Beaver

Reaction Innovations smallie beaver

“Hey Walleye! Have you, like, seen any bass?” The Beaver is looking for bass and he’s pretty good at finding them—size doesn’t matter. The Smallie Beaver is the smallest of three sizes followed by the Sweet Beaver and the largest being the Double-Wide Beaver, which is an extra-big one to wrestle the extra-big fish.

When Is a Beaver a Crawfish? When it’s the RI Beaver!

Reaction Innovations The Beaver is a crayfish (a.k.a. crawdad or crawfish) lookalike that is generally used for pitching and flipping into brush. Weedless, it uses a wide gap Gamakatsu hook with the barb hidden in the plastic. It works extremely well as a Texas rig but also works well with Reaction Innovations’ Screwed-up Jighead. We are BASS fishing. Additionally, another good way to rig it is with a Carolina rig where the Beavers can be really effective at attracting and landing bass.

The Rod and Reel That Leads “The Beaver”

The best rod to put behind a Beaver is a pitch and flip rod such as the Powell Model 734 (softer for pitching) or Model 735 (flipping). Any good quality reel will work, but one that is designed specifically for this type of fishing is the Ardent F500 Flip and Pitch Reel, which has been designed for handling flip and pitch baits. Ardent The F500 is a very unique reel. Read the details about the Ardent F500 on our website.

Those who fish this way prefer tungsten worm weights in weights up to 1 1/2 ounces. They will usually peg the sinkers, too, so they stay in place when flipping into vegetation.

The Worm Known As “The Big Unit”

reaction innovations big unit

The Big Unit is another great flipping lure also from Reaction Innovations. It measures 9 1/2 inches and works superbly trailing after a Texas rig or a Carolina rig. It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes making it useful in your favorite waters whatever the type. In the west, particularly in California lakes the green with red Big Unit, the California 420, is especially popular. A black one with blue tips known as the Hematoma is very popular in stained or dirty waters and in dark places such as under the lily pads or other vegetation. In addition, Reaction Innovations White Trash Ball Breaker is great for site fishing. The white color makes it visible to the fisherman because of the need to see when the bass picks it up to move it off the bed. It is a different kind of fishing if you have not tried it. It brings challenge and variety to your fishing trip. One really good standby color that works well in so many environments is the Watermelon/Green Pumpkin Beaver, with black flake. When you are not sure what the bass are going to go for, this one seems to work well for whatever reason. Who knows what the bass are thinking? Bass just seem to like that color combination.

Reaction Innovations also manufactures the Skinny Dipper which we have described in greater detail in an article about Skinny Dippers on this site.

Whatever your fishing gear needs, or your choice of lures, let Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop show you the very best prices. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop offers free shipping on all purchases $50 and over.


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