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What pro bass shops have the liveliest game in town?

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Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, carries top products at bottom dollar prices. In pro bass shops across the country, the latest and newest innovations in bass lures always provide waves of interest in fishing circles, but none provide the sporting fun of reaction baits, of which there are several. Among the types of reaction fishing lures we carry are jerkbaits, crankbaits, topwater baits, and minnow baits. With the right rod and reel combination, reaction bass fishing lures provide for a lively fishing trip.

Catch a live one, lively

Of course, anyone in any pro bass shop will tell you reaction baits are designed to get a bass to strike on reflex or surprise. The right action at the right time can really drag those big, slow, and lazy bass out of their resting space and onto your hooks. Reaction baits react to the way the rod, reel, and line pull the lure and how those water conditions make the bait seem more alive.

Types of Reaction

pro bass shop SPRO little john DD

There are a number of types of reaction baits including topwater, jerkbaits and crankbaits. The big difference comes in the ability for the rods to create the needed reactions. Examples of great crankbaits we carry at great prices are the Spro Little John DD and Koppers Livetarget Bluegill. The “M” and the “S” in the Koppers’ names signify mid-depth and shallow swimming characteristics. Examples of topwater baits currently in favor include Luckycraft Sammy 115 and Luckycraft Gunfish 95. These lures are exciting to fish, catch big fish, and the price is right at just $14.99. Jerkbaits and minnow baits are variations on reaction baits and we carry a lot of both.

Spare the rod; spoil the fishing

Rod manufacturers have made great strides in the area of highly specialized rod actions for fishing reaction baits. They are designed to give the optimum action to the baits to make them appear alive. The correct rod for specific types of reaction baits can make all the difference when the bait hits the water.

For this purpose, two of the recommendations our pro bass shop makes are the G Loomis and Shimano rods. Both manufacturers have a new line of reaction bait rods specifically designed for working reaction baits in a way that shows the lively action to the bass. These poles are exciting and popular to use and bring new innovations to reaction bait fishing. One great choice is G Loomis Spinnerbait rod which is specifically designed for fishing spinnerbaits. The G Loomis gives great control, long casting distance and smooth fish handling capabilities in a very light, tough rod.

Another that is especially good for topwater baits is the G Loomis Top Water Series rod.

g. loomis spinnerbait rod

Any rod in this series will improve your success because they are designed to do one thing – fish topwater baits the way they were made to be fished. Along with G Loomis’ legendary light weight and sensitivity and you’ve got a winning combination. Shimano’s newest rods, the Shimano Cumara Reaction Series were designed for hard cover or soft cover and shallow depths to down deep. The Shimano Cumara Reaction rods move baits in just about any situation. The series – all casting versions – includes 12 rods, all with lightweight and sensitive IM-10 graphite blanks and a unique hook keeper. The pick for deep crankbaits in open water, buzzbaits, and large lipless crankbait fishing is the Shimano Cumara Reaction CUC70H . In addition to these rods for crankbaits, there are also lighter rods with moderate action suitable for jerkbaits and minnowbaits.

Good times are reel times

shimano curado

In Shimano reels, the Simano Curado E5 is a favorite of our pro bass shop for big, ultra deep diving crankbaits. It is just one of the reels that works well with the crankbaits and reaction baits but works best with deep diving baits that are easier to operate with a lower gear ratio. Such slower rate reels help move the baits more slowly through the water giving the bass a longer time to make their move. Another great reel is the Garcia REVO Premier 10, the low-profile baitcast reels that started a REVOlution among serious anglers everywhere. These are the reels that are getting the “Buzz” and have anglers across the country replacing their beloved Chronarchs and Curados with their new favorite fishing reel: the Revo. Why, you ask? Anglers will tell you that the REAL reasons the favor these reels are:

  • more comfortable in your hand (lower profile)
  • every bit as smooth
  • have more fish fighting power due to the oversized main drive gear
  • hold more line
  • hold up outstandingly in both fresh or salt water, and
  • far less expensive

Furthermore, most of the Revo family includes a 24 lb. drag system that is 2 to 3 times more powerful than any other reel in their class.

Fisherman’s Choice is the liveliest game in town

Reaction baits such as jerkbaits, crankbaits, topwater baits, and minnow baits, together with quality rods and reels designed to provide the most action gives the fisherman hours of entertainment while hauling in the big ones. Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop,is the best source of lures, rods, reels and lines if you are looking for good quality combined with great prices.

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop will also ship your order of $50.00 or more absolutely free. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has a walk-in store at 13615 North 35th Avenue Suite 8, Phoenix AZ, 85029 USA. If you are ever in town, we would love to serve you personally and are always available for suggestions and advice. If you can, come on in!


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