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Luckycraft Lures have made fishermen famous

Lucky Craft Lures come in all the different styles of hard baits you can imagine: ripbaits, lipless vibrating baits, swimbaits, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits.  Lucky Craft Lures are high-end manufacture and all are made with extremely high quality.  Lucky Craft Lures are very popular with the professionals and are regularly used by the some of the biggest and most well known names in fishing.

Lucky Craft mingles with the top names in fishing

Skeet Reese, Brent Ehrler, Gary Dobyns, Anthony Gagliardi, Kelly Jordan, and Takahiro Omori are all Lucky Craft users and fans.  A new lure by Lucky Craft designed by Gary Dobyns,  the Lucky Craft Staysee 90 SPV-3, is designed to be a deep-diving version that will swim 8 to 10 feet below the surface.  The Staysee 90 is available in 5 different colors.

Luckycraft Lures Staysee

Skeet Reese’s favorite:

Skeet Reese designed another one, the Lucky Craft Redemption Spinner.  Available in six versions, it is very popular.  You pay a little bit more for such Lucky Craft Lures but they do catch fish which is what we are all out there for, right?  This is cutting-edge, crankbait technology but in a premium spinner bait. The bodies mirror the most popular Lucky Craft crankbait colors.

Luckycraft Lures Redemption Spinner

Kelly Jordan’s favorite:

Kelly Jordan designed another Lucky Craft Kelly J Prop Bait which is a topwater bait with propellers on it.  The design is suited for fishing in shallow water.  The blades make a flicking noise simulating the sounds made by a bait fish.

Luckycraft Lures Kelly J Prop Bait

Brent Ehrler’s favorite:

Brent Ehrler was using an extra deep Lucky Craft Pointer 78 XD (deep diving) which dives 8 feet or more and can be fished fast unlike a lot of deep diving baits.  Its advantage is in colder water where the fish usually swim deeper.  The Pointer 78 XD also swims deeper so it can go where they go.  Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop carries four models.

Luckycraft Pointer PT-78XD

One of our favorites:

Don’t forget the ever-popular Lucky Craft LV 500, a lipless, vibrating crankbait, that fishes deep.  Most comfortable at 12-15 feet of depth, it does so without a diving bill.  It can be fished fast and is effortless to use.  The LV 500 makes a good search bait because it is easy to cast long distances and enables the fisherman to locate the concentrations.  Once located, he or she can switch baits and be more specific in the hunt for fish.

Luckycraft Lures LV-500

Tournament professionals desire Lucky Craft baits, particularly because they want quality baits providing high performance and can be counted on to catch fish.

Remember, with topwater lures like the Kelly J Prop Bait or the Gunfish you want to use monofilament or braided line, not fluorocarbon, for the best fishing performance because of the floatation factor.  Conversely, the diving baits like the Pointer and the Staysee work best with fluorocarbon because that type of line offers greater finesse and a more subtle and more natural presentation.

Coming up with a good line

The LV 500 fishermen who often use fluorocarbon line, in weeds may use braided line as they practice the technique of ripping through the weeds.  Even though the lures get covered with weeds the fish still go after them when they pop free.  It is a popular technique.  In more open water, stay with the fluorocarbon.  Line, as always, is a matter of a fisherman’s preference.  As far as recommending rods and reels, it is difficult to suggest good companion rods and reels for such a variety of lure styles as it all depends on what you want to do when fishing.  However, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop keeps a very wide selection of both on hand at great prices.

One of Lucky Craft’s more unusual products

Luckycraft Iron Athlete SammyNLLucky Craft sells one other interesting product: an exclusive type of fishing line called the Iron Athlete.  It is a special monofilament line with a hollow core filled with air and that makes the line float even higher.  Iron Athlete is a very unusual line often referred to as air-in monofilament.  The hollow core increases the performance and action of topwater lures as well as improves your overall topwater fishing technique.  It is definitely a high performance top water fishing line.

Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice, continues to offer free shipping on all orders, $50 or more.  We are diligent about offering the best products at the best available prices and stock a wide assortment of fishing gear.  Get ready for springtime fishing by placing your orders now.


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