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Lobina Lures’ Topwater and Walking Baits Are in Demand

Lobina Lures

Lobina lures makes the Rico line of fishing lures and they are among the most demanded topwater lures in the world by tournament pros and sport fishermen alike. Thirteen years ago Lobina lures acquired Westy Worm Pro and Westy Worm Superfloat, and added them to their own line of high-quality topwater baits such as the Rico, the Rio Rico and the Rico Suave.

The Rico, and Its Big Brother, the Rio Rico, Spit and Splash Their Way into the Bass’s Mouth

Lobina Lures - Rico Suave

The Rico is a smaller version of the Rio Rico. Lobina Lures’ Rico Suave is a walking bait similar to a Reaction Innovation’s Vixen. Lobina Lures’ Rico and Lobina Lures’ Rio Rico are among the best producing topwater popper-style baits you can find. Outfitted with high-quality, ever-sharp Gamakatsu hooks, each of these Lobina Lures comes in a lot of different colors. All of them have a feather trailer on the back hook to help attract the attention of the bass. The feathers look like a fish fin in the water.

Used mostly when the bass are eating on the surface they can imitate moving shad or frogs. Most fishermen will generally work the Rico very slowly or very quickly. Either one is good. The slow movement is more of a finesse movement-style and the bass will come up and look at it. As the Rico pops and spits water out in front, it look as if it is struggling as something is trying to eat it. The bass figure they have some competition and will move quickly to grab it before the meal is lost. Rapid twitching is what makes the Rico spit and spray like that.

A Good Alternative to the Vixen

Lobina Lures

Lobina Lures’ Rico Suave is a walking bait like the Vixen. Often referred to as the ultimate walking bait, the Rico Suave is a hand-crafted topwater lure. It is actually a new bait, although Lobina Lures had something similar to it a few years ago. Bass enjoy the kill of anything that moves. Sometimes bass themselves will not even move until something else moves first. Since they are “procrastinator eaters,” these active baits really suck them in. The Rico’s and Rio Rico’s most popular colors include an off-white called bone. Lightening Shad is also really popular.

The Choice for Rods, Reels, and Line

The rod to use with the Rico and Rio Rico is the Powell 703 casting rod as it is a longer rod to help you make longer casts. A reel that can’t be beat is Shimano ReelsCurado e200-E7 with high-speed 7:1 retrieve. It is just the best and it will cast for you forever.

We highly recommend a conventional monofilament as the line to put on the Shimano Curado as it is important that the line and lure float on top of the water. Monofilament line makes it easier to maintain the proper action on the lure. Fluorocarbon, in this application, is not the line to use as it sinks too fast and makes it difficult to properly fish the Rico. A good choice of line is the Stren Original in about 10 to 12 pound test. Some fishermen prefer braided line and, depending on the brand, braided line can work but it can be a little unforgiving because it has zero stretch and some brands sink too fast. Power Pro Braid works well if your choice is a braided fishing line.

Where to Walk and Dance the Rios, Ricos and Suaves

Most fishermen generally like to fish them over the top of submerged brush in the shallows, fewer than about 10 feet deep. They definitely should be used to try to entice bass out of their bush hiding places. Most people only fish topwater very early or late at sunset, but the Ricos can actually be productive any time of day. When used in open water with chasing shad, it can work well. There, it doesn’t make any difference how deep the water is because all the action is going to be on top. The best time of year is late summer and early fall as the weather is just beginning to cool off and bass feed and fatten up in preparation for winter.

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