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Jackall lures are hot!

Jackall Lures is a bait company in Japan that is becoming extremely popular in the United States. Jackall Lures makes high-quality baits and are creative, even ingenious and innovative, with the baits they design and manufacture. Jackall Lures’ products are largely unique, having no peer in the marketplace. Jackall Lures makes versions of soft baits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits and topwater baits. Within each category they have a large spectrum of types and styles.

Three of the most popular Jackall Lures are two soft baits, the Jackall Flick Shake, and the Jackall Cover Craw, and a hard, topwater bait called the Jackall Bowstick.

Jackall Lures Flick Shake and Cover Craw in the lead

Jackall lures

Jackall Lures’ Flick Shake worms are the most popular right now. They are soft baits and when this Jackall Lures worm is whacky-rigged it is hot-hot-hot!  The Jackall Lures Flick Shake is often featured on Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop’s home page along with a few other specials. The Flick Shake is generally fished with a shallow water technique, either on an open bottom or around submerged structures. It takes a little more technique in pitching, falling and using slack line to shake the bait as you twitch the rod, but a little practice will get you there quickly.

Also, Jackall Lures has introduced a new bait line called the Jackall Cover Craw. The Cover Craw is their newest of Jackall Lures baits and comes in 3-inch and 4-inch lengths. The Cover Craw can be rigged in the conventional manner, but if you put a weightless hook and rig it backwards, you will see it can actually swim away. That technique is useful when you are fishing on a dock. As it falls, it can swim under the dock or drop it towards the brush where it will swim away from it. It is a cool way to fish it and fun to watch it work. At present, backwards-rigging is a popular method of fishing the Cover Craw. Not only is the Cover Craw great under docks and under trees it is also good for flipping it 10 feet or so along the edge of those places where bass like to hide and in the dark spots.

Jackall Cover Craw

Rod, Reel, Line, and Sinker for the Cover Craw and Flick Shake

Power Pro Braid You could use the same rod and reel for both the Cover Craw and the Flick Shake, but for the Cover Craw we would recommend the G Loomis Flipping Stick  Model BCFR 863 GLX and an ideal reel for it would be the Ardent F500 Flip and Pitch reel loaded with a braided fishing line like the Power Pro Braid in about 30- to 60-pound test. The Cover Craw’s line is conventionally weighted with a tungsten bullet weight like the Tru-Tungsten Worm Weight which helps you feel the bottom through the weight. Of course, if you are fishing it in the backwards mode, the line should be un-weighted.

For the Flick Shake, use a spinning rod such as the Powell 683 M Ex-Fast spinning rod with the Shimano Stradic ST-CI4-2500F as it is superior when flipping with a really light-weighted hook whacky-style. This combination can also be used to skip baits underneath the docks or overhanging trees as the spinning reel really works well in that situation especially when loaded with Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon in 6-10 pound test.

The Bowstick 130 Fishes like a Vixen

Jackall lures bowstick

Another one of the Jackall Lures baits that is really hot right now is the hard, topwater Bowstick 130. The Bowstick is fished exactly like you would a Reaction Innovations Vixen or Lobina Rico Suave. The Bowstick makes a great replacement for the Vixen which is not available right now. The Bowstick is more of an open-water bait and also effective over submerged brush.

daiwa zillion

The Bowstick fishes best with a longer rod like the e21 Carrot Stix (CLTX-731MH-F-C). MH stands for medium heavy and the length of the rod is 7′ 3″. Put on that a Shimano Curado or Daiwa Zillion 100SHSA with a 7.3:1 retrieve rate and for a great duo for walking baits. Wrap on that a line like the monofilament Berkley Trilene XL in 10-14 pound test and you will have a winning combination for sure.

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