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Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Gary Yamamoto Baits
gary yamamoto baits

Gary Yamamoto baits are typically American. Many might not expect that, but Gary Yamamoto baits from invention to success really describe the Great American Dream. It is because of fishermen’s continued success with Gary Yamamoto baits that they have become so popular. Over 60% of the current supply is being ordered by Japanese suppliers as bass fishing has become the fastest growing sport in Japan. Almost all of the rest goes to tackle shops that have good working relationships with their patron fishermen. Gary Yamamoto baits have something extra, that’s for sure. What isn’t for sure is no one knows just exactly what that something extra is.

If it works on a dormant winter bass, it will work about anywhere

Gary Yamamoto Hula Grub

Many fishermen who are introduced to the Gary Yamamoto bait known as the Hula Grub have found that little jig to be one of the best lures in cold, winter waters. Not only do the bass arouse enough to strike it, they will strike it at many depths.

The Yamamoto Hula Grub is a mimic, depending on how you drag it. Drag it slowly and it looks like a crawfish but pull it in jumps and it resembles a frog. Whatever it resembles to a bass, it seems to be an irresistible meal. Fishing the Hula Grub is as easy as fishing with jig and pig in that you want it to resemble a tasty meal on the bottom. Fishing the bottom takes patience as you want to move it along very, very slowly. The Hula Grub is surprising at how efficient it is at picking up bass.

The Hula Grub may seem more expensive than other similar lures (if you can consider anything else similar) but so much care is put into it with the special plastics and the salt-impregnated body which has proven to be so tasty to fish when they strike. The salt doesn’t quickly rinse as it does with salt-coated lures.

The name, Flappin’ Hog, may sound funny but it is a bass magnet

Gary Yamamoto Flappin Hog

The Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog dresses up the hook like no other. Many of the design elements are sheer genius. Used with skirts and trailers, its appearance to the bass is what we landlubbers would call mouth-watering. The various skirts provide even more grab points for the bass and they are all part of the package of why they are so flappin’ good at pulling in the bass. We cannot even imagine what creature the Flappin’ Hog appears to be in the short memory mind of a bass. Whatever it is, the bass must expect it to be super-delicious because they are obviously attracted to it—even in the dead of winter.

A quick survey will tell you what combinations of skirts and trailers work best for your area, but you have to experiment a little in your own waters to really decide. As hot as the Flappin’ Hogs are in general, it shouldn’t take you very long to decide the best one(s) for you.

Why the Yamamoto Senko Worm has become a favorite

Gary Yamamoto Senko Baits

The Yamamoto Senko may not look like much, and it may not look much like any other lures or baits, but you can believe it is different and has some surprises for you it its ability to catch fish. What looks like a worm should act like a worm, so keep the motion on this lure very, very slow. It is meant to crawl slowly and that is what the fish is expecting it to do. Fishing in the grass with a Senko Worm is very effective, but, surprisingly, a lot of strikes occur on the cast as it sinks towards the bottom. Let it sink gently, but keep in enough contact to be aware of a strike “on the fly.” The Senko has good motion; the slightest tug and it will wiggle side to side.

Three fine lures and a lot, lot more

How Gary Yamamoto comes up with the baits & lure designs, materials and ideas is only known by him, but one thing is for sure: his lures, especially the Hula Grub, the Flappin’ Hog, and the Senko Worm have definitely found a winning place with fishermen. You will find all varieties of Gary Yamamoto baits and much more on our website. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop boasts a better selection and better prices than even their homepage has. In fact it is probably a better selection than everybody else’s home page. It is worth your time to come and shop our pro bass shop online. Also, on purchases over $50, you will get free shipping.


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