Gamakatsu Hooks – Worth the Wait after 40,000 Years!


Gamakatsu Hooks Make History
gamakatsu hooksGamakatsu was not the first. Darn it! Long about 40,000 years ago, someone started fishing with fishing hooks. Imagine that. During the fall of the Neanderthals and the rise of the Cro-Magnons, angling, as we know it, began. That is an almost unimaginable length of time. The time back to the rise of the Egyptians accounts for just over ten percent of that time. Fishing hooks have been around long before Gamakatsu—even long before Japan. Fishing then was intended to find a better way to eat; today, fishing is intended to find a better way to spend leisure time.

Gamakatsu Hooks Made Long-Awaited Changes

In the 40,000 years that fishing hooks have been around, not much happened for about 39,950 years. Can you imagine where we, Homo sapiens, would be today if Gamakatsu had been around then with their version of the fishing hook? Most people don’t realize just how innovative Gamakatsu is, in producing state-of-the-art fishing equipment.

Gamakatsu Hooks Are the Best in the Industry.

With the advent of new materials and better engineering, hooks today are specifically designed for various applications and specific types of fish. Hook making today is much more of a science than an art. The materials to make the hook started with bone and other natural materials. Today, these hooks are made with the finest grade high carbon steel and then anodized to prevent corrosion. The steel is tempered using the most advanced and precise methods available. Gamakatsu is well known for having the hooks that maintain their sharpness better than any other. That makes hooking the fish sharp and to the point. Gamakatsu hooks are incredibly strong with just the right balance between strength and flexibility. The points of the Gamakatsu hooks are honed to a conical point that makes it the sharpest hook available.

Gamakatsu Hooks Are Famous All Over the World

Gamakatsu hooks are the most popular hooks in their home market—Japan—holding over 70% of the market. In the United States, Gamakatsu’s hooks which were first introduced in 1992 are very close to achieving the position of market leader also.

It is entertaining for a non-fisherman to watch a fisherman paw through the selection of hooks looking for good quality hooks like Gamakatsu.  But then it is probably no more humorous to watch a golfer paw through the golf balls looking for the perfect brand in the hottest new color.  No one understands golf and its equipment better than the avid golfer does.  Likewise, for the avid fisherman, there is no substitute for having the appropriate, reliable, and well-designed hook or lure.

The Gamakatsu hook is just such a product.

Gamakatsu Hooks Are at The Cornerstone of Fishing Hook Manufacturing.

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