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G Loomis Fishing Rod

G. Loomis, fishing rod manufacturer extraordinaire, makes some of the best fishing rods in the world. They sport a complete line for experienced and professional bass fishermen rods in a wide variety and price range. The G. Loomis fishing rod has a solid reputation among fishermen who know a great rod when they see one.

G. Loomis Fishing Rods Come in 3 Distinct Types

G. Loomis caters to those who like specificity in their fishing. Their rods are technique-specific. The three classes of rods are:

  • classic bass fishing rods
  • technique specific rods
  • rods designed for easy travel ( the “Multi-T’s”)

Within the 3 major divisions, there are many styles and models of rods of interest.

First, The Classic Bass Fishing Rod

A classic G. Loomis fishing rod is designed on the original concept of fishing rods where a fisherman looks at action, power, and a good combination of both at a very reasonable price. These rods are not your usual discount store cheap rods. They are of the highest quality and durability and the purchase of one comes with a lifetime, limited warranty.

Classic bass fishing rods come in both spinning and casting models. Both have been highly popular for many years. Recently, most major rod manufacturers have begun designing rods for specific fishing techniques and lures– G. Loomis is no exception. In response to the demand, G. Loomis has entered the market with a dozen different rods that have characteristics and qualities for each of the popular fishing techniques. On the G. Loomis fishing rod page on our website, you will see there are many models from which to choose.

G. Loomis and Their Technique-Specific Rods

Fishermen have begun to demand the high-end, high-performance rod that flawlessly fishes in one specific technique. The “pretty-good-at-everything-rod” is not what an expert fisherman looks for when he or she wants the best action and power for his or her favored technique.


For example, the G. Loomis Frog Rods are very long rods with heavy actions. They range in length from 7′ 1″ up to 7′ 9″. Designed for casting frog lures long distances, they also have tremendous power to drag the fish out of thick, brushy, weedy areas where both bass and frogs enjoy living.

G. Loomis Frog Rods


The Smallmouth Rod Series (spinning, casting) is designed specifically for fishing small mouth bass. The largemouth rods line are rods designed to cast topwater, jerkbaits, and crankbaits. There is actually a jerkbait rod and a crankbait rod, specific to each technique. The G. Loomis baitcaster Dropshot Rods are designed for ultra-finesse fishing when dropshots are the fishermen’s preference with baitcasting reels.

Have Rod; Will Travel – The Escape Series

The third class of rods is the Escape Series Casting and Escape Series Spinning. These are specifically designed for traveling. Escape Series rods make a better companion for a float plane trip in the Alaskan wilderness or airline trip to the fishing spot you’ve dreamed about. These rods will break down into three pieces which makes it especially easy to stow where storage space is limited.

G. Loomis: Not for Everyone

G. Loomis rods are not usually the first choice of rods for the novice fishermen because of the cost and specificity. G. Loomis is a manufacturer of high-end rods for the experienced and professional who make many different choices while fishing. All G. Loomis rods come with a lifetime warranty and you can see warranty details on the G. Loomis website.

Timing is Everything

Swimbait rods come into season in late summer and autumn months as well as in spring. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop offers two G. Loomis Swimbait Rods in their extensive lineup, one at 7′6″ – Model SWBR904 – which is a medium power and moderately-fast action rod, and one at 7′11″ – Model SWBR953, a medium-light power and moderately-fast action rod.

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has a good quantity of G. Loomis fishing rods in all shapes and sizes. Let us help you pick out the one best suited for you. Call us at our toll-free number at (866) 993-1139 and talk to our friendly and helpful staff, all of whom are professional fishermen themselves.


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