Fishing Rod Covers, or Stick Jackets, Keep Everything Neat


Why Do the Fish Have to Wait While You Untangle?

Fishing rod covers – Stick Jackets – are a valuable asset to any fisherman, but if you bring along special purpose poles, they can do so much more than just stop the tangling. Put on a Stick Jacket even when it’s not cold. They keep the poles from catching each other instead of fishing – where they belong – and make it much easier for you to spot the one you want.

Stick Jackets, the best of the fishing rod covers, are extremely popular with tournament fisherman because of the protection they give the rod and how they prevent rods from tangling with each other. It makes getting equipment ready for use faster and easier.

What Makes Them Better Than Other Covers?

There are two things that make Stick Jackets the best covers available: first, the material from which they are made; and second, the array of nine colors and two basic sizes to make using them easier. Available sizes include covers for casting rods from 5 to 7 1/2 feet with a maximum diameter of 1 1/4 inches, and covers for spinning rods from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet with a maximum diameter of 2 1/2 inches. The spinning rod covers are made with the larger diameter to accommodate fitting over the larger guides. Made of loosely braided polyethylene filament they provide strong protection. The way the polyethylene is woven makes it very easy to push these fishing rod covers on and off.

The Cover Traps the Rod

Remember the old Chinese finger traps we played with as children? You push your index fingers in, but the more you try to pull them out, the tighter they become. That is exactly how a Stick Jacket works. Instead of trying to pushing the rod into them and then pulling it out, you do the opposite. Push the jacket onto the rod, and to get the rod out, you push the jacket off. Because of that design in the weave, your rod cannot “fall out” of the jacket. It only takes a second or two to put it on or take it off.

It’s the Material Things That Matter

The material also will not let the hook get stuck in it. Hooks normally don’t get tangled but if they do they can pass in and out of the braided material without becoming embedded as they would in a canvas or other cloth cover. You can push the hook right back out.

Colorful, Too!

The jackets come in an array of nine colors so you can find your favorite and match them all or sort rod types by colors. Either way, having the choice of colors means you can pick your favorite colors to keep rods separate and identified, making selection in the field very easy. You can get a different color for each of your rods or each type of rod.

These Covers Have Hang-ups

Made with a metal grommet at the business end means you can hang your covered rods and keep them off the floor. As they hang, again because of the weave, the covers tighten so the rods are not going to be able to slip out of the case and fall to the floor.

Use Them Even Inside the Tubes

If you use rod tubes, these jackets make wonderful protection for the rods and makes putting them in and taking them out of the tubes a breeze – even in the boat or when traveling. If you are a co-angler in a tournament or anyone else who often has to carry rods with them, when you get to the boat there is nothing to untangle.

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has the best price you can ever find for Stick Jackets. In fact, we are the Number 1 seller of Stick Jackets in the country. These fishing rod covers are a very small investment in protecting your rods, especially if you are using a G. Loomis fishing rod or something similar. Whenever you order a new rod, get a new Stick Jacket to go with it and you will find the rod will last you much longer and accumulate little wear and tear.

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