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Great Fishing Rigs for However You Want to Fish

Fishing rigs — when we talk about them, they can mean two things. First, there are the Texas rig, Carolina rig, Wacky rig, and dropshots rig. However, most of us think of fishing rigs as the combination of gear we use including rod, reel, lure, weights, and line. There are three basic fishing rigs you want to be familiar with to enjoy a variety of fishing scenarios: a spincasting rig, a spinning rig and a baitcasting rig. Each variety of these fishing rigs is comprised of its own type of equipment for best use.

Spincasting Rods and Reels

zebco standard

Great fishing rigs for both economy and high-end spincasting would include the entry level Zebco Standard Spincast reels and the under-$30 rod such as the Shimano Sojourn Casting Rod. These two items work very well in combination. The Zebco Standard Spincast reel is famous for its economy yet high quality. Probably just about everyone who fishes has stood behind Zebco Spincaster reels at some time or other. It has been around for a long time and most of us broke into fishing using one. The Zebco Standard Spincast models sell between $6.99 and 29.99. That means you could put together fishing rigs for under $60.00 with the line included! At $60, we will ship your order free.

The Shimano Sojourn Casting Rod for under $30 would also work really well in combination with the Zebco Platinum 33PL which is almost certainly the most popular fishing reel of all time. Most fishermen have owned and used one at sometime in their life.

Spinning Rods and Reels

fenwick eagle spinning rod

A really good mid-grade rod and reel fishing rig would include a Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod at about $55. They come two ways: a one-piece rod and a two-piece rod. The one-piece rod is at an entry-level price but a great selection whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler. The GT IM6 graphite series is built in the same way and with the same philosophy as the HMG series. Its performance far exceeds its price and makes a great set-up for bass fishing. Match that with a Shimano Spirex reel at about $46 and you have a great fishing rig for just a tad over $100.

Baitcasting Reels and Rods

At the higher end, look for a G Loomis Classic Mag Bass Rod Model MBR843C-GLX. The G Loomis is a medium-heavy, 7-foot rod, 10 to 17 pound, 1/4-3/4-ounce one-piece and the price is around $375. Mount it with a casting reel such as the Shimano Calais CL 200A at $389.95. With Shimano reels you will have the very, very best, top of the line of rigs for under $770. The Calais has everything high performance with a low profile. That is a great price for the very best.

Flipping Topwater Frogs

Have you ever fished by flipping topwater frogs? It is probably one of the most fun and interesting ways to fish bass. This is another specialized area of fishing and is fun to learn and fun to do. Frogging is a visually entertaining way to fish, too. When you use topwater frogs and the bass decides it wants it, there is a virtual explosion on the surface of the water as the bass bounds up and grabs it. It is exciting. You can fish frogs in the nastiest, messiest weeds and brush, too because the fishing rigs you put together to fish with topwater frogs is tough enough to handle it.

Heavy-Duty Rods and Reels for Frogging

daiwa reel

The reel to use is the Shimano Curado E Series 200E7 ($179.99) or Daiwa Zillion ($249.95) which has a 7.3:1 ultra-fast retrieve ratio for getting that frog back and out again where it is supposed to be to catch the fish. Put that on a length for flipping out accurately and far. When you couple that with a great flipping rod, such as the most popular Powell Frogging Rod and the 7105 Medium Heavy, Flip Fast 7-foot, 10-inch rod for only $169.99,you can put that little frog right back out where it should be. That rod has a lot of flipping power in the length which is one reason it is so very popular.

For line, use a 65- to 85-pound braided fishing line. Remember when you use braided fishing line to wrap on 30 feet or so monofilament line to the reel first to keep the line in solid contact with the spool. If you don’t you will see your braided line slipping loose inside and causing a mess you don’t want.

Heavy duty fishing rigs for heavy duty fun. Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, carries special frogging rods and reels suited for this unique and interesting method of fishing.


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