Fishing Drop Shots: Techniques for Easy Catching


Weights below the Hook Give Bass a Better View

Fishing drop shots involves a technique for tying the hooks on a line and then placing the weight below the hook. In that way, when the weight hits the bottom, the hook is suspended in clear view of the bass. This was actually a common technique for many of us who fished as children, but that is where the similarity ends. For bass fishing, this technique is considered a finesse technique using lighter lines and smaller baits. The aim is to fish for less-active fish that are not prone to chasing reaction baits. Fish look at the suspended lures as an easy meal.

The Rod Makes a Difference in This Technique

Fishermen can use smaller reels and a more efficient setup when fishing drop shots loaded with the lighter test fluorocarbon line. That provides a lighter rig overall. Specialty hooks are also available for dropshotting and there are even hooks specifically designed for nose hooking the lure or fishing it Texas rig style. You’ll find this technique is very effective at pulling in more than a few bass.

The Shape of Weights Is Your Choice

There are several different kinds of dropshot weights made either from lead or tungsten. The shape of the weights range from a round ball to a teardrop shape and there are also cylinder-shaped weights. Which type of weight doesn’t make a lot of difference, but the tungsten weights let you feel the bottom a lot better than lead does. Tungsten, being harder, will transmit the specific vibration of wood, rock or other material. That lets you know what kind of prime fishing real estate you are settled over.

Dropshot Hooks Are the Best

Next, decide what you would like to put on the hook. Specialized worms designed especially for dropshot fishing include minnow-shaped worms. Some fishermen prefer to use creatures or crawdads but, in the end, it all depends on what the fish want that day. The top choice and most popular bait for dropshot style would have to be the Roboworm Straight Tail in either the 4 1/2 inch or 6 inch length. The Roboworm Straight Tail comes in quite a few colors. Some of the more popular of the colors are Morning Dawn, Oxblood and Ehrler’s Edge.

Roboworms Have Their Own Hook, Too!

Roboworm also makes the ReBarb Hook designed explicitly for fishing super-soft plastic worms such as the Roboworm. The ReBarb is an extremely popular hook. It has a special molded barb designed to hold the worm very tight to the hook, important when fishing the ultra-soft types of drop shot worms and can help you from losing worms when fish bite.- you can spend more time fishing and less time fixing. Tie one on and hold on – you are going to catch of fish quickly.

For those people who like to nose-hook drop shot baits, there are Trocar Hooks made for that purpose. These are the relatively new laser-sharpened hooks. They are incredibly sharp enabling fishermen to get good sets with light lines and soft-tip rods. If, on the other hand, you just want to try your hand at dropshoting but don’t want to spend the money, try the Skinny Bear EWG Drop Shot Hook. In addition, Gamakatsu Hooks and Owner Hooks both provide a tremendous number of choices in both traditional shape and offset shanks.

Specialized Rods

There are a number of fine rods suited for dropshot fishing. G Loomis Fishing Rods makes one and Phenix makes two models in the spinning version. Powell makes an excellent baitcaster in the Model 702. It’s a 7 foot casting rod, lightweight and extra fast, designed for those who want to try fishing drop shots with a baitcasting rod and reel.

Because this is a finesse technique, you should match the light line to a rod with a soft tip, light or medium-light power (action) simply because of the lighter line. That way, when you get a bite, you can actually see the rod tip bend and feel the fish strike without alerting them. We think the best fishing line to start out with is Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon.

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