Dropshot Adds Fun to a Fishing Day


Dropshot Techniques and Equipment

Dropshot actually have nothing to do with too much tequila. It is technique for fishing any kind of plastic bait. Like most good techniques of fishing, once you get the hang of dropshot fishing, it is a wonderful pastime. Pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has a great selection of dropshot and other lures and as we describe some of the favorites, we’ll suggest some good companion equipment to help you be much more productive at landing the fish.

Raising Your Expectations

A lot of people–when they hear dropshot–think small fish. Well, think big. It’s a myth. The only way you are likely to end up with small fish is if you set out only to attract the small ones. Even then you could get a “big” surprise on the line.

Easy to Rig

open water drop shot

Rigging dropshot is pretty straight forward. Hook a lure, for example an Open Water 4″ Drop Shot, about 2 feet beyond a light shot weight. After casting, and when the lure comes to rest and the weight hits the bottom, the worm floats up a little and will wiggle above the bottom surface, begging those bass to come out and play. Tugging makes it stir and wiggle.

Dropshots and Powershots

One of the popular variations on dropshotting is called powershots. The difference is one of size and weight. A heavier weight is used, usually 1/2 to 3/4 ounces and worms from 7 to 10 inches. Dropshot the larger worms, 7 inch Senkos, and some of the craw, such as the Roboworm 4 inch Pitchin’ Craw or Zoom Brush Hogs are also very popular. One of the Zoom Brush Hogs have a darker purplish body but an eye-attracting chartreuse tail. Even darker, and for muddy waters, use the Oxblood which is also a very popular color for dropshot.

Other Colors

In cold water, use the smaller varieties of dropshot. In clear water, use dropshot with light and bright colors. The Open Water 4″ Drop Shot mentioned earlier comes in two light and two dark colors. The Dominator is a hot pink with red flake and the bass love it. The Dominator has a great reputation. Another good one is the Shimmer Shad which is especially nice to use when the bass are busting shadfits right in. The Shimmer Shad is blue with a metallic blue flake. In darker or stained water, use the Cull-Time or Equalizer. All are only $3.29 a dozen.

roboworm pitchin krawIn dark waters use dark colors, generally purplish and blue Roboworm Pitchin Kraw 4in (pictured right).

Margarita Mutilator III, often referred to as MM3, is another popular one. Take a look at that one; it has great colors. Even darker, the Oxblood is another really popular color. The Zoom Brush Hog Junebug really stands out in muddy water and also has the attraction of the chartreuse/lavender tail that attracts attention from the bass. Dark improves their dark vision ability to see these baits.

A Rod and Reel to Match

There are two different ways people like to dropshot: baitcasting and spinning. It is totally a personal preference based only on nothing more than what you like to do. There are special rods made for both styles. For the baitcaster, we recommend a Powell Model 702 C for finesse dropshotting and the Powell Model 703 C3 for heavier dropshotting. Both are priced at $139.95. A great baitcasting reel is the Garcia Revo STX-HS (with a high speed retrieve of 7.1:1) at $199.95

For spinning, we would recommend the G Loomis BSR802-Mossyback at $240.00. The best reels would be any of the high-end Shimano reels but the most commonly chosen is the Shimano Stradic 2500 at $159.95.

G. Loomis Jig & Worm Spinning

The ultimate reel for true quality and a lifetime of service would be the Shimano Stella 2500FD flat handle at $650.00. That reel is the dream, and outstanding in all respects.

Our preferred dropshotting line is Yamamoto Sugoi Fluorocarbon. The 6-pound test is a terrific line in lighter application or use the 8 to 12-pound test in heavier applications.

Select your weights based on the type of bottom you are fishing. In open water you can use round or teardrop weights. If the bottom is rocky or bushy, the cylinder style works better. However, some people just favor one and go with that one at all times.

Now you have it: dropshots: hook, line, and sinker (rod and reel too)! Remember, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop not only has the best prices but we ship free on any order $60.00 or more.


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