Deep Diving Crankbaits for Greater Depths of Fishing Enjoyment


Deep diving crankbaits are a real surprise to bass. Designed for fishing at much greater depths than bass normally see crankbaits, these special bass fishing lures can suck them in and bring a lot of enjoyment to your fishing excursions.

For Norman, Deep Diving is Normal

Deep Diving CrankbaitsDeep diving crankbaits have been made very popular by Norman, a fishing lures manufacturing company. The Norman DD22 is probably the most popular in the line. As the name suggests, the target area for the DD22 is for deep diving at about 22 feet. There are two models: the Standard Norman DD22 and the Norman Suspend DD22. That gives anglers two ways and two techniques to catch fish at this depth. The Standard version dives pretty quickly to that depth and if stopped slowly starts to float back up. The Suspend version dives to that depth and then lingers, lurking around without moving much. It slowly wanders around “looking” for fish. When you begin cranking it in, the Suspend version starts moving again. The one disadvantage we see to the suspend version is that if it gets stuck in a limb it won’t float back up where the Standard one will.

Both of the Norman models come in many different colors. The Suspend model comes in seven. The Standard DD22 comes in almost fifty different models. There is a color for everybody and every fish.

Norman and Others with a Little Less Depth

Deep Diving CrainkbaitsAnother really popular Norman that doesn’t dive quite as deep is the Norman DD14, which is designed to dive to about 14 feet and offers a little smaller bait profile. Other bait companies also make deep diving crankbaits. Lucky Craft is one of those known for making quality deep divers. Their bass fishing tackle is fairly easy to identify because of their extra long diving bills. The longer the bill is, the deeper and steeper the dive. In the Lucky Craft lineup, there is theLucky Craft Flat CB DR Deep Runner model. These particular Lucky Craft Lures offer a thinner profile with a flat body, but they still get down very deep. Of course, it has the exceptional Lucky Craft quality in its construction.

The Weightier Crankbaits

For the ultimate in deep-diving crankbaits, get the Basstar Dredger Crankbait. This particular one is designed with a lead weight on the diving bill. It sinks very fast and straight down because of that extra weight on the tip of the bill. You can fish this one as deep as you want – even down to 100-foot depths. Most commonly people fish the Dredger in the 40 to 60 foot range. Crankbait fishing at that depth is new and rare and the bass have not seen crankbaits down there until now. Because of the extra weight, and unlike any other crankbait, you can cast this out near docks, pilings and stumps because it will dive vertically, falling parallel to those structures where the bass are staged. The Dredger adds a whole different dimension to crankbait fishing because of that characteristic.

Rods and Poles Make a Huge Difference

Deep Diving CrankbaitsMost experienced fishermen will use a little different rod and reel equipment since these bass lures pull much harder. When you are reeling the rod, it will bend a lot and the reel works a lot harder, too, as you are pulling it in. Most desire reels that have low gear ratios that are designed for this technique. A favorite is the Shimano Curado E. When you review the new green Curado 200 series reels, notice that most of them very high speed retrieves (7:1). Those are not the ones you want when fishing the deep diving crankbaits. One with a ratio of 5:1 will be preferred. This 5:1 gear ratio is also available in the Shimano Curado E series. The reason for the preference is quite simple. You don’t have to work as hard when turning the gear handle because of the low gear ratio. That gives you much more comfort.

Pick a rod designed specifically for fishing these baits. The typical crankbait rod has a slower action so more of the rod bends. They bend more in the middle so not to put so much stress just on the tip. When fish grab a crankbait you won’t necessarily get it perfectly hooked every time and the greater flex helps you get those fish to the boat without the fish coming off the hook. The Shimano Cumara Reaction Series is a great rod to consider. There are a dozen or more of these rods from which to choose.

Here’s the Best Line to Drop

The thinner the diameter and lighter the test, the better the line. Select something in the 10 pound range. Some prefer braided fishing line because of its ultra thinness. That lets the fishing lures work its best at getting down deep.

One Parting Shot

When fishing these deep divers, try to have them bounce off something like rocks or underwater trees. Anything that makes the bait stir up the moss will help it have more of an erratic action. When it does, it looks like a bait fish running, trying to get out of the obstacles. That is very appetizing to bass.

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