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How to Select the Right Daiwa Reel

Daiwa Reels is a big company and they have a lot of good products. In fact, they are much more than just a company that makes reels. In order to understand how to shop for their products, though, you have to have some understanding of Daiwa’s product naming conventions and which products represent what positions on the quality and price spectrum.

Daiwa Reels Has Something for Everyone

Daiwa Reels’ basic lineup covers the full spectrum of bait casting and spinning reels for bass fishing, spincast reels for fishing crappie and panfish, and also entry level bass fishing reels. Daiwa Reels also makes a line of fly fishing reels as well as saltwater reels.

Daiwa Zillion

The ultimate Daiwa reels for bass is called the Steez reel. This is the top of the line and prices out at over $400. The Steez comes in two versions: a high speed and the ultra-high speed version. They both have all the expected bells and whistles. The Steez has everything you could possibly want in a reel: it’s lightweight, is made with superior bearings, and has very high retrieval speed.

Another Daiwa Reels model—actually several models–is the Daiwa Zillion. The Zillion comes with either a high torque 6.3:1 or choose up to a red-hot 7.3:1 retrieval speed. That is the fastest retrieve of any reel. The Zillion is the next one down in the Daiwa Reels  lineup in terms of price selling for $269.95. The Zillion comes with a choice in models between six ball bearings up to 11 CRBB anti-corrosion bearings plus–a roller bearing.

The Sol is next down at $199.95. Following that is the Daiwa Viento which is currently on sale for 131.99.

The World’s Fastest Reel

The new Aggresz by Daiwa Reels is a hyper-speed reel that has the fastest retrieve of any fishing reel at 7.3:1 gear ratio. It only weights 7.6 ounces. Every turn of the handle retrieves a whopping 32 inches of line. Because of the hyper-retrieve speed there is less time casting between targets, giving you more time in bass-producing waters.

In the less expensive range of Daiwa Reels, there is the Tierra, the Exceler, the Megaforce and the Strikeforce. The Tierra has six ball bearings. The Exceler is a midgrade reel with 8 ball bearings. The Megaforce has 11 ball bearings and comes in 2 different models: the ultra-high speed version and the twitching bar version. The twitching bar has a little bar over the top of the reel centering over the spool. After casting, a push of the bar will reel in 7 inches of line providing a twitch and jump to the line to move a jig or plastic worm, without giving it an extensive action. That is especially good if the bass are not feeding aggressively.

Free-Floating Spools

Daiwa Reels boasts that all the baitcasting reels have a free floating spool. That means the reels float the spool independently from the gear and that reduces gear friction when casting.

No Name Change to Quality

In Daiwa Reels’ lineup of spinning reels, many sport the same name as the baitcasting reels. That adds to the confusion when seeking a specific reel because you have to specify which one- casting or spinning. Daiwa Reels’ concept of naming relates the names to the relative quality of the reel. That is somewhat the opposite of normal naming conventions which attaches a name to a specific model and type. In the spinning reel line, there is also the Steez, Sol, Fuego, Tierra, and Exceler. The Steez, then, would be the top of the line in both types of reels.

Great Starting Spincast Reels, Too

In Daiwa Reels’ classic push button spincast reel line, there are four: The Goldcast, the Silvercast –A, the Minicast MC40, and the Underspin US XD. The Goldcast, as its name would imply, costs more than the Silvercast and is of higher quality. Both the Goldcast and the Silvercast are great for panfish fishing, such as crappie and bluegill, or for novice bass fishermen on their first reel. The Underspin US XD model is designed to be used with a spinning rod, hanging the reel underneath it. The Underspin has a rod-like trigger instead of a traditional button. Its unique design, look, and feel, makes it a fun reel to use.

When you look for a rod and reel combination, remember that the matching rod will have the same name as the reel. So, you will want to put a Steez reel on a Steez rod. Again, Daiwa’s names are quality related.

Get Ready to Go Fishing

Daiwa reels and rods and so much more await you at Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, your ultimate pro bass shop. All our staff members are professional tournament fishermen and love to talk to you about options and choices. Call in or visit any time. You can shop online, use our toll-free number, (866) 993-1139 or visit our store in Phoenix, Arizona. We would love to help you outfit your next fishing adventure.


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