Crappie Jigs and Great Spring Crappie Fishing Are Here


With the warmer waters of March comes the urge for crappies to spawn.   The fish are located in shallow to moderate depths as they move into the shallows for warmer water to begin spawning.  Their primary food source is minnows and the best baits to catch them are live minnows, crappie jigs or small crappie lures. Even though a lot of people use live minnows, crappie jigs are also a great choice for landing a limit of nice crappie and they have some advantages over a live minnow.

When to Use Crappie Jigs

A lot of fishermen prefer a crappie jig unless they are anchored and fishing in one place.  A jig is quicker since you don’t have to change it after catching a fish, and it doesn’t die. If you get into a concentration of fish it is much faster with a jig, and can be cheaper.

How to Use Crappie Jigs

Crappie love cover, so locate brush, stumps or artificial cover at appropriate depths and you are likely to find crappie. Early in the morning at low light they will be shallow or close to the surface. Later in the day with a high sun they will move deeper. Fish the crappie jig with plenty of movement. The more aggressive the crappie are, the faster you can move the bait to cover more water.

In fairly clear water, the smaller the jig the better. A white or yellow hair jig seems to work best. In stained water, the combo jigs seem to catch more fish. It is a little more bulky in stained water and a little easier for the crappie to find. In the dingiest water a chartreuse jig with a red head is usually the most effective.

What Is Good About a Good Crappie Jig?

There are several options for crappie jigs.  One of the favorites is a small grub such as the Berkley Power Grub in the 2” size or a Kalins 2” Triple Threat Grub.  Kalin Grubs are especially effective at Roosevelt, San Carlos and Alamo reservoirs and favorite colors are John Deere Green, Chartreuse Blue and Acid Rain.  The grubs are fished on a small lead head, painted or unpainted, ranging from 1/32oz to 1/8oz.  The heavier heads for deeper water.  Canyon Lures, Kalin and Gotcha all make top quality crappie jig heads.  These grubs have a tail that produces enticing action to attract the crappies attention.

If the bite is slower, a subtler presentation is often effective.  Canyon Lures mini jigs are a good choice fished slowly to tempt crappies when they are not in an active feeding mode.

A good choice for more stained water is a jig/spinner combination such as the Blakemore Roadrunner.  The spinner gives off more flash and noise to attract the fish when there is less visibility and can be dynamite when the fish are in an active pre-spawn feeding mode.

How Big Should a Jig Be?

Crappie jigs should not be any heavier than about 1/16 of an ounce for 6 pound lines and no more than 1/8 of an ounce for use in deeper water.   Both weights are good for light spinning gear.

How’s Boating?

When fishing from a boat, you will find crappie all over the lake in similar environments that you find at the shoreline.  This will include coves, channels, ditches, or other areas that offer protection from currents.  The best places include the channels and creeks that join the lake.  A good rocky or gravelly bottom really helps, too.  A big tree standing in the water is a godsend for crappie fishing.  Drop your jig as close as possible and work the area at the base of the tree.  Crappies seem to love that environment.

If you do not presently fish with crappie jigs, or have not fished that way for a long time, it is a great way to put some nice crappie in the boat.  Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has lots of great jigs and crappie lures from which you can choose.  Remember, too, that on orders $50 or over, shipping is always free.


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