Chatterbaits Give Bass the Shivers


What’s All The Chatter About Chatterbait?

Chatterbaits, a popular type of bass fishing tackle , really cause a buzz among fishermen. We even carry a large collection of custom colors of the Phenix Vibrator Jigs, by far the most popular, made especially for Fisherman’s Choice’spro bass shop and carried exclusively on our website and in our store.

Chatterbait – Interesting Designs and Effective Bass Attracters

Phenix Vibrator JigWhat exactly are chatterbaits? Sometimes also commonly referred to as vibrating baits, they are essentially a bass jig that has had a vertical blade placed on the front of it. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has eight different models of these bass fishing lures from three different manufacturers including the Phenix Vibrator Jig, the Booyah Boogie, and the Revenge Vibrator Jig 1/2 ounce and 3/8 ounce. The most popular is the Phenix Vibrator Jigs because of their superior quality and variety of sizes: 1/4 ounce3/8 ounce1/2 ounce5/8 ounce, and 3/4 ounce.

Some of the more popular colors, which are exclusive to Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is “Violet Addiction.” It is colored with white, green, and a little purple and has a silver hologram blade. Another bait which has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in competition fishing is the “Dark Green Pumpkin with Black Blade.”

How a Chatterbait Works

When you retrieve chatterbaits, the motion of the blade causes them to vibrate violently as they move through the water. Combined with the vivid and varied colors the colorful flashing attracts bass. Chatterbaits are frequently fished likespinnerbaits, but because they are a bass jig style bait, they can also be fished along the bottom as well as on the surface where the fish may sometimes be chasing. They are very versatile in their uses and applications.

One That Gets Even More Attention

The Revenge Vibrator Jig is also a great chatterbait bass lure to use. Its blade is designed with holes in it that provides even more action and is a unique attribute. There are nineteen different models in two different weights depending on how deep you want to fish the Revenge. The choice of colors is intended to imitate the active feeder fish. The colors and combinations with different weights imitate different species of bait fish or crawdads. With so much variety in the line, it makes it much easier to mimic the current natural baits in the water at any given time.

We’ll Share a Secret about Fishing Them

Lake Fork Live Magic Shad 4.5inChatterbaits look just like fish with curly tails. One secret of these kinds of baits that most professional fishermen do is add a plastic trailer onto the hooks to add more bulk and more displacement. In most cases this will be even more effective than the chatterbait by itself. Some of the more popular trailers for this use are Lake Fork Trophy Lures 4.5 inch Live Magic Shad, also in 5.5 inch and 8 inch, or Reaction Innovations Little Dipper, or one of the Yamamoto baits, the Gary Yamamoto Senko-Swimming in 4 inch or 5 inch.

Rigging Chatterbaits

Always use a high-quality line in the 10-12 pound test range. Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon is strong and doesn’t easily break, and is a very easy-casting line. It also works well because the fluorocarbon is virtually invisible under water.

Chatterbaits are simple baits to rig. All you really have to do for chatter fishing rigs is simply tie it on and start throwing it. Generally, a quick twitch of the pole and line will start the action as soon as it hits the water. When you rig it with a trailer, as described earlier, one of the tips that works well is to put a drop of super bonding glue on the hook’s shank which makes the bait really hold tight and keeps it from getting in the wrong position or give a funny action while reeling it in. One other nice thing about chatterbaits is that they don’t snag much at all and will pass through weeds pretty well. They are great, simple, effective fishing lures.

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