Braided fishing line: Officially, now a great choice!


Braided fishing line–it is officially official; it is no longer a fad.  Braided fishing line seems to have just too man benefits, and too many people consistently like braided fishing line for it to remain a fad.  Now, a popular choice with many fishermen, braided fishing line has really “caught” on—even with so many other choices from which to select.

If you haven’t tried it, and are not familiar with it, just what is braided fishing line?  Popular in some specific  fresh and saltwater applications, braided fishing line is just what it is called: braided from many finer filaments into one very strong line.

Braided fishing line is especially useful around structures, with toothy fish, and for fishing in the deep.  It provides a smaller diameter but greater strength.  Braided fishing line is easy to cast and can increase the distance of your cast over other types of line.

Try braided fishing line from Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop and see the reasons for yourself why the fad started and why it lasted long enough to become a fisherman’s choice.

We feature four types of specialty Braid Line from which you can select:

Daiwa Samurai BraidDaiwa Samurai Braid

Completely unlike any other line available on the market today, Samurai braided line is strong and sensitive, but also noticeably softer, smoother, thinner, and more flexible than other braids. With Samurai braided line you will see less friction which adds up to better casts.  There is also less line noise retrieving and a much better sink rate because of less resistance to the current.

Power Pro BraidPower Pro Braid

With PowerPro Braid you get longer, smoother casts; Better handling; Superior knot performance; Less burying in the spool; Near zero stretch; Awesome strength!

Stren Sonic Braid and Stren Super Braid

Stren Super BraidStren Sonic BraidNEW- Sensitive, Strong and Flexible. Stren Super Braid features high strength per diameter with near zero stretch. This line also features excellent durability with easy handling in cold weather.

See what some of the new users say about braided fishing line.

“I have pretty extensively testing many lines and I finally started embracing some new technology as far as new fishing lines are concerned after being a holdout for a long time.”

“I really like the Super Braid; it’s easy to cast, super sensitive and haven’t had any problems with fraying.  I fish a lot of docks and deep weedlines and it has performed well.  I have two rods spooled up with the bright yellow color for fishing at night (using fluorocarbon leaders).  I’ve fished the green color with and without fluoro leaders. I haven’t used Power Pro or Suffix so can’t make any kind of accurate comparison.”

“I have tried Sonic.  It holds its color better than any other braid I have tried.  I prefer it over any other braid because of its surface smoothness. I also use the Gold color the most since it is easier too see with sunglasses on.  Power Pro, Suffix, and similar rough surface braids create too much friction when adding a fluorocarbon leader when I prefer to do so.”

“The only smoother surface superline I have tried is Spiderwire Ultracast Invisibraid and its too smooth for my taste as it digs into itself when landing a fish.”

“When a new superline is introduced, I test it between my thumb and forefinger nails and if it is rougher than the Sonic I don’t even bother to try it. I have been using the super braids since Spiderwire was first marketed and have tried a lot of them.  I fish Lake Fork occasionally.  It’s my second favorite body of water.  I presently have 9 reels with the braid. I also use Spiderwire Stealth, Spiderwire, Fireline, and a couple of other discontinued superlines for various applications.”


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