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Blade Bait

Blade Baits, Spinnerbaits, and How to Make the Choices

Looking for blade baits won’t show you many of the great ones you might miss if you don’t know how to look for them. Blade baits mean different things to different people. In fact, some spinnerbaits are often referred to as blade baits and blade baits are sometimes called spoons! The term, blade baits, as applied includes real blade baits AND spinnerbaits and there are 43 different models from which to choose.

Different Blades for Different Reasons

The various spinnerbait blade configurations of these bass fishing lures have very specific characteristics to them. As a rule, each of these fishing lures is designed with at least two blades. The three basic configurations are:

  • Willow Leaf: A long and slender design for maximum flash
  • Colorado: Round blades – more vibration, less flash
  • Indiana: Semi-rounded and shorter, balanced flash and vibration

The Double Willow Leaf requires blade baits to move faster, taking a fair amount of speed to make the blades spin properly. The double willow leaf has a lot of flash but not much in terms of vibration to the blade baits. That makes it a better choice for bass lures in clear water.

The Colorado gives much more vibration to the blade baits than the Indiana as it is a shorter blade. Sometimes the Colorado blades are used in combination with willow leaf blades that offer more vibration to the blade baits and more flash for moderately stained water.

The Colorado/Indiana combination offers maximum vibration and slower movement to spin the blades. That makes it better for blade baits used in heavily stained water conditions. The extra vibration helps fish feel it coming when visual distance is limited.

The Redemption of Skeet Reese

The very top of the spinnerbait/blade bait line would have to be the Lucky Craft Redemption. It is a bit expensive but is really a lot of fun to fish. Skeet Reese is the original designer of this artistic and gorgeous lure, available in 1/2 ounce and 3/8 ounce sizes.

A Dashing Swordsman from Cotton Cordell

One manufacturer, Cotton Cordell, sells a bait called the Gay Blade (meaning a “dashing swordsman”). The Gay Blade has the appearance of typical crankbaits when viewed from the side, but it is a solid metal lure, similar to spoon-style baits. The Gay Blade has multiple tie-on points. Using one point, it can be fished in crankbait fashion by casting and retrieving. By using the other line attaching point, it will ride horizontally to be fished in a vertical manner, as one would fish spoon baits. This particular bass lure has a heavy nose section and a thin body which gives them a tight wiggle when it is retrieved. The Gay Blade is a great bait for schooling fish such as white or spotted bass. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop stocks the 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch models. Each size comes in a multitude of colors and is somewhat inexpensive.

The Great Variety of Blade Baits

Hildebrandt blade baits, although somewhat hard to find, are among the most popular high-end baits. Hildebrandt’s The Blade is available in three sizes. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop also carries the Hildebrandt Tin Roller which does not use lead as the weight, but it uses tin instead. Tin offers a different action because it is less dense. It falls slower and can be retrieved slower, remaining in the strike zone longer.

Blade RunnerThe Blade Runner lineup of blade baits includes the Guppy – a fish-shaped, metal-weighted body, and also the conventional, Spinnerbait version. All Blade Runners have a double willow leaf configuration except for a couple which have a single, willow leaf.

Take a look at the Strike King Rocket Shad which provides an extra-small spinnerbait presentation. It is a short-arm spinnerbait with small, single, Colorado-style blade and short skirt. The Rocket Shad is an especially good blade bait in clear water where fish are busting shad.

For the ultimate flashing blade, try the Booyah Super Shad Quad Blade spinnerbait with four willow leaf blades. The Super Shad is designed to mimic an entire school of bait fish and really attracts the bass.

The list of lesser expensive spinnerbaits would have to be topped by the Booyah Blade. It is a great and cost-effective choice. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop carries six models of the Booyah Blade. The reason we have so many different models is because people like the variety colors and in blade configurations and the characteristics that each one of them produces.

See all the choices at one of the best pro bass shops on the internet: the Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop website. Remember, all purchases of $50 and over get FREE ground shipping.


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