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Berkley Powerbaits is probably the biggest fishing manufacturer in the United States.  Berkley Powerbaits products are used everywhere and we have them all right here at pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop.

Probably their most well known product they make is the Berkley Powerbaits Power Nuggets, trout fishing baits. Just about everything else is made of plastic and that part of the line is also known as Berkley Powerbaits. We’ll focus here on the power baits of worms, craws and swimbaits, and grubs.


Berkley power worms

The most popular of the Berkley Powerbaits line of lures is the power worm, and probably the most popular of the worms is the Berkley Powerbaits  Power Worm 7-inch. It comes in a multitude of colors and they are very inexpensive at $3.99 for a pack of ten.  Berkley Powerbaits’ The Power Worm is the most often used worm in the country. It is frequently bought in 100 packs which, because of the volume, will save you even more at $26.99 per 100 a full, one-third off!

The Berkley Powerbaits in 10-inch is really popular in the South or for night fishing but all sizes are popular: the 4-inch, the 7-inch and the 10-inch. They are available in 24 different colors.

berkley power worm


One of Berkley Powerbaits’ hot new products is the Berkley Chigger Craw 3-inch and also 4-inch sizes. The Chigger Craw is very popular to fish with either Texas rig, Carolina rig or as a flipping bait. It is the lure that came in the winner at the 2007 Bassmaster Classic and more recently as the winning bait used by bass professional Clifford Pirch at the FLW National Guard Series at Clear Lake, California. With the Berkley Powerbaits formula of fish-attracting scent, it is irresistible to bass. Chigger Craws come 7 to a pack for $3.49. That’s not very expensive for a tournament-winning lure. A variation on that theme is the Crazy Leg Chigger Craw, which is a 4-inch craw, but modified with some crazy legs that enhances its attraction while swimming or on the drop. Packaged with 8 per pack, they are also $3.49.

Berkley Chigger Craw


Berkley Powerbaits’ Hollow Belly PowerBait 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch swimbaits are the hottest new swimbaits on the market. Also scented with the powerful attractant, these Berkley powerbaits provide a great competitive edge on this year’s tour. The body is hollow from nose to tail, unlike some other swimbaits, and that gives them, along with the great paddle tail, a very natural action. Eyes are realistic and lifelike and the bait has a very soft texture. For only $8.99, the baits come packed three to a package and include a treble hook, a gap hook, a bullet weight, a swivel, some plastic tubing and a split ring. That makes it a real bargain.


berkley powerbaits

The new Berkley Powerbaits Finesse Hand Pour 4-inch and 6-inch shads are for dropshots as they break into that market. Softer, and in better colors, each has its own little personality. They are made of multi-layered, poured colors that gives this bait detail that is very life-like. They have an extra soft body and are flexible for great finesse action. They are also very economical with an 8-pack only costing $3.99.

Sink Worms

berkley heavy fat sink worm

The Berkley Heavy Fat SinkWorm comes in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 7-inch sizes. They fish like a Senko. They are a little bit more expensive but a lot of people prefer them. They are used in the same fashion that you would use a Yamamoto Senko worm and are about the same price.


berkley power grub

For crappie fishing try the Berkley Power Grub in 2 inch or 3 inch sizes. Again, these are very easy on the pocket at 15 for $3.60. They come in great colors and can be used with spinnerbait as trailers.  Their added bulk and action works great that way. Power Grubs are popular for all species. The body is tapered and that offers extra holding power with a fast-swimming tail.


berkley powerbait

The all-new Berkley Hank’s Football Jigs come in 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch versions.    Triple-coned and double-barbed, it grips trailers securely. It has been designed with a football head. The placement of the line tie allows the jig to mimic live prey that crawls on the rocky bottoms.


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