Berkley Gulp Lasts Longer and Outfishes Live Bait


What Could Be Better Than a Nightcrawler That Lasts Longer?

There’s an old saying: “There are two types of fishermen – those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.” Those who fish with the Berkley Gulp Nightcrawler would have to belong to the latter group. The Gulp Nightcrawler is 6 inches of bass-catching bait that will outfish and outlast live bait. It looks like the real thing but it does smell a lot better!

Berkley Gulp Is the Answer

Berkley Gulp NightcralerThe Berkley Gulp Nightcrawler comes in six colors: green pumpkin, black, June bug, pumpkinseed, watermelon and watermelon red glitter.  It also comes in three other styles besides the Nightcrawler: the Shakyworm, 5 inch; the Turtle Back Worm, in 4 and 7 inches (and also a couple of more colors); and the Wacky Crawler, in 5 inch.  Berkley Gulp has two other products in the line that are of interest to fishermen.  For the trout fisherman, there are Berkley Gulp Salmon Eggs.  The benefit to the Gulp Salmon Eggs is that they will outperform natural eggs and they stay on the hook much longer.  Berkley also makes an attractant spray, Berkley Gulp Alive, which comes in an 8-ounce spray bottle in 4 different scents (crawfish, garlic, night crawler, and shad scents).  Mmmm. The fish love them, but don’t get them mixed up with your car scent.  Berkley Gulp Alive spray can be used on plastic lures, hard baits, and even on live baits.

Berkley Makes the Ultimate Fluorocarbon Line Available Anywhere

Berkley Trilene Flourocarbon

When using the Gulp, use the new Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon line. It is an excellent line.  Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon comes available in 200 yard spools and in sizes from 4 pound to 20 pound test. The price varies depending on size, of course, but it is a superb Fisherman’s Choice preferred fishing line. Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon spools up wonderfully on a reel and makes an excellent leader material, too. It has top strength and invisibility and is very strong for its diameter.

Other Top Grade Berkley Line for All Applications

Berkley also makes the Fireline braid and Trilene monofilament and they have a broad selection for all fishing with different techniques.  Types of line include Big Game, Extra Limp (XL) and Extra Tough (XT).

Fireline Crystal is the world’s first translucent super-line and is almost invisible when under water.  The new Fireline Crystal is 20% stronger than the original. Made as a thermal filament, it casts easier and knots better, making it less hassle than other conventional braids.  Fireline Crystal is exceptionally strong.

Berkley Trilene MaxxTrilene Maxx offers the limpness of Trilene XL and the toughness of Trilene XT.  That’s a great combination in a line, especially for such things as topwater baits.  That makes it a great combination of features and we can see by sales that it is also very popular.

New Trilene Transoptic is gold color in the air (making it easy for the fisherman to see) and changes to clear in the water making it so the fish can’t see it at all.

Berkley Trilene is available in spool sizes from the 110-yard pony spools, 330-yard filler spools, to bulk spools and 3-pound spools for those who enjoy fishing every day and night.

Special Offer from Berkley through Fisherman’s Choice

Right now, on Fisherman’s Choice home page there is a link for a Berkley rebate offer. By going to the link, you can download the coupon or submit and track your rebate online.  The offer is good until September 7, 2010.  Simply buy any two or more Berkley line, bait, or tool products and you could save $3 on a $10 purchase, $7 on a $20 purchase, or $15 on a $40 purchase.
Ask us, “What’s new?”  and we’ll have the answer

Fisherman’s Choice stays on top of what’s new or about to be introduced.  We are a great resource for those who want to try the brand-new items.  We welcome questions and you are always welcome to call us at our toll-free number, (866) 993-1139.  If you are in town, our “brick and mortar” store is located at 13615 North 35th Avenue, Suite 8, Phoenix, Arizona. Come on in and let’s talk fishing.

Remember, you will get free ground shipping on all orders $50 or more at Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop.


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