Berkley Fishing Lures lead to Fun Fishing


Not only fun, fishing with Berkley is varied and economical, too!

Berkley fishing lures are some of the most popular we sell at pro bass shop, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop, and we have a lot of them.  Berkley fishing lines comprises a wide range of choices.  Berkley fishing line includes  everything from fireline, braid, monofilament, fluorocarbon, extra tough, to extra limp.  If you are looking for a type of fishing line and Berkley doesn’t make it, it probably isn’t made anywhere else, either.

Berkley fishing has its attractors

Among the best-known users of Berkley fishing lures is Hank Parker, the two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion and host of the weekly Hank Parker TV Show.

Jay Yelas is another one.  Jay is a 16-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and past Bassmaster Classic Champion.  Jay loves to use the Berkley 7-inch Ribbon Tail Worm.

berkley power worm

If you want to fish like Clifford Pirch of Payson, Arizona, using the Chigger Craw on a jig you could try a Fisherman’s Choice Berkley Chigger Craw and fish it like he did at Clear Lake, California last year when he hooked over $100,000 in prize money.   The Chigger Craw, and the Berkley Power Worm 7-inch are very popular in the Southeast, especially when using a jig head.

Skeet Reese’s favorite bait is the Berkley 4-inch Chigger Craw and his favorite line is the Trilene 100% fluorocarbon.  Skeet has won over $1 Million during his career.  Skeet was the 2007 BassMaster Elite Series Angler of the Year—which is a really cool honor to achieve.

berkley chigger craw

Berkley Fishing Lures have there attractions, too

Berkley baits come with another bonus: the Power Bait Scent.  This fish-attracting scent formula is actually one of the reasons Berkley baits are so effective.  The scent formula really does make a difference to the efficiency of these baits to turn fish from lake to shore.

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop sells all the popular Berkley fishing lineincluding the really hot Berkley Trilene Flourocarbon line and the new Trilene Transoptic color changing line.  Trilene Transoptic appears yellow in the air and clear in the water—so you can see it in your element but the fish cannot see it in theirs.

We carry a great selection of the ever-popular Berkley Power Worm Ribbon Tail Worms in 4-, 7-, and 10- inch lengths.  We also carry the Berkley Hank’s Football Jigs designed by Hank Parker.  We have a full line of Chigger Craw 3-inch and 4 inch including the Chigger Chunk which is a craw trailer for adding to jigs.  Then there is the new Crazy Leg Chigger Craw which is a slightly different version that greatly enhances the bait’s action with falling or swimming.  This one will even get a quick bite from lazy fish!

Great savings on Berkley Swimbaits

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop also carries a full line of Berkley Hollow Belly Swimbaits and feature all of them at “blowout pricing” for great savings.  Chigger Craws, Worms, and Hollow Bellies are all at reasonable prices.  Berkley fishing lures are the kind of bag of fun you can have and it won’t cost you very much money, either.

Berkley Hollow Belly 6in

Cover that stick!

Stick Jacket Rod Cover CastingOnce you pick up your Berkley fishing baits you may want to pick up a great cover for your stick.  Fisherman’s Choice Pro shop has one of the largest selections and best prices on Stick Jacket Rod Covers for Casting and Stick Jacket Rod Covers for Spinning rods.  They protect your valuable rods and are inexpensive enough to get one for each rod.  Spinning lengths go for $ 8.59 and casting lengths for $6.49.  The Stick Jacket manufacturer tells us that Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is number one for Stick Jackets and we can say they are certainly one of the most popular items in the store’s vast selection of products.

Once you come to the website you can see many different kinds of worms and other different kinds lines to customize your fishing pleasure, so come and do some shopping and find the best prices around,

Remember, all orders $50 and over come with free shipping available.


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