Bass Jigs are Colorful, Varied, and Productive!


bass fishingSometimes, Choosing the Right Jig is the Key

Bass Jigs provide the bass fisherman with one of the most productive lures of all time.  Jigs come in many sizes. Shapes, colors and skirt materials.  The different types are designed for different techniques in varying water clarity, depth and cover.  Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is “Bass Central” and has a wide variety of bass jigs from which you can choose.

The Prize Goes to the Most Productive Fishermen.

Whether you are a competitive bass fisherman or fish for catch-and-release pleasure, or enjoy ending your productive day with a bass dinner, bass jigs from Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop are a great bargain and a great choice  for fishing.

Here’s How to Give Your Fish a Quality Presentation

1. The Types of Bass Jigs Are Numerous

There are many jigs to choose from and many variables in the jig itself, such as the lead head, the type of hook, the weedguard, skirt and collar, trailer and rattle.  Base your choice on the water clarity, depth and the type of cover you are targeting.

2. Weedguards

The weedguards are often made long so you can trim them to a length you favor.  Fiber weedguards are best when fishing in some of the dark tangles bass like so well.  The fiber material makes it a little easier to get back your jig from such tangles.

3. Hooks

Smaller 1/8 oz jigs usually have a 1/0 or 2/0 hook while ¼  to 1 oz jigs will typically have a 4/0 or 5/0 hook.   Most makers use a wide-gapped, round-bend hook since so many fishermen use pork frogs or plastic trailers on them.  Horizontal eyes have become quite popular as it offers what many consider a better presentation.  Horizontal eyes seem to provide better “wiggle” and may be less apt to snag as the vertical jigs.

4. Skirts

Jigs are made with many different kinds of material including hair, rubber and silicon. Bucktail hair jigs are a favorite of smallmouth fishermen. Jigs made with rubber strands were first introduced in the 1960’s and are still popular especially when a bulkier presentation is preferred. The most popular skirts are silicone which can be extruded is a variety of color combinations and they slide through cover easier than a rubber jig.  Skirt length is also important.  If left too long, as many makers produce them, the bass have a tendency to aim long and therefore miss the jig.  The skirt should be long enough to cover the hook bend, but not so long to deceive a striker.   The ultimate goal of any skirting material—silicone or rubber—is to look alive.  Strands should be fully separated from each other so they provide a flowing, pumping, waving action in the presentation to the fish.  In short, the strands should make the jig look alive.

5. Trailers

Jigs are almost always fished with a pork or soft plastic trailer on the back.  The trailer enhances size, color and action of the jig. Pork trailers are most effective in colder water less than 60 degrees. Plastic trailers are popular in warmer, clearer water.  When selecting a trailer keep in mind matching the trailer color to the color of the jig skirt.

6. Size and Colors

Bass jigs come in many different sizes, shapes and colors.  Different shaped heads are available for different techniques including flipping, swimming, and casting.  The size of the jig should be the lightest weight possible for the application that lets you feel the bottom and any cover it contacts.  Keep a supply of different weight jigs from ¼ – 1 ounce for different water temperatures, clarity, depth and type of cover.  When starting out fishing a jig stick to basic colors like brown and purple, greens, and black and blue.

Bass jigs are a lot of fun to fish.  Take the time to experiment with different ways to fish them, find out what the bass want, and you will have an awesome day on the water!  Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop can supply you with just about any bass jigs and other bass products you can think of.  Best of all, with purchases over $60, you will receive free shipping.  Check out the bass jigs and other products for bass fishing at the Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop website.


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