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Bass fishing tackle is not the only thing we have. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop also has knowledge. Every single one of the employees, and the owners, are professional tournament fisherman. In our bass fishing shop you can talk to us and find out what is working and where. We are eager to help make your fishing experiences be the best they can be. Walk in or call in and talk it over with our staff of professional fishermen.

Great variety and great prices

Shopping for bass fishing tackle at fishing tackle shops can provide hours of fun simply because of the great variety of lures and types of fishing possible. Tackle comes in all shapes and sizes. There are no bass fishing shops that carry more of a variety at good prices than Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop. With both online shopping at and a store at 13615 North 35th Avenue, Suite 8, in Phoenix, Arizona, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is eager for you to get the best quality for the best possible price of any fishing tackle shops.

Most Popular Bass Fishing Tackle

The most popular bass fishing tackle right now among the expert and tournament fishermen would have to be the Gary Yamamoto baits and baits from Reaction Innovations.

Spell Success: Y-A-M-A-M-O-T-O

Hula Grub

The most popular lures in the Yamamoto line are the Yamamoto Senko, the Hula Grub, and the Kut Tail Worms. That Yamamoto Senko has a lot of action, dancing while it falls and falling at an active rate because of the extra weight it carries due to the salt-impregnated body. The geometry of the lure lets it fall with an up and down motion as well as a side-to-side shimmy that makes it look alive. Bass love it, and it is an effective catcher of both large- and small-mouth bass. Another word for Senko is “Superworm.”

The Hula Grub has been around over twenty years and it is still a top hit. Gary Yamamoto himself fishes a Series 97 in 5-inch length and a half-ounce jig head. It makes it a little heavier but he moves it faster for greater swimming action. The 5-inch series 97 Double Tail Hula is the most popular by far, and it is the centerpiece of the product line. Using a flipping stick and a baitcasting reel with 16 to 20 pound line (Sugoi fluorocarbon is Gary’s recommendation), toss toward the shore, let it hit the bottom and them bring it back to seek out the more aggressive, bigger catches.

Good Reactions, Good Press

Sweet Beaver

The most popular of the baits from Reaction Innovations are the Skinny Dippers and

the Sweet Beaver. The Skinny Dipper is something a little different and very cost effective when counted against the number of fish it pulls in (a pack of seven is under $5.00). Its flipping tail causes its swimming action to include a vibration which makes it really hard for a bass to miss. The Skinny Dipper is a cinch to rig and the most popular way is with one of the Gamakatsu hooks, a weighted EWG hook.

“Hey, Walleye, look over here! It’s the Beaver!”

Actually there are three beavers: Smallie, Sweet, and Double-Wide, but the Sweet Beaver 4.20 series is the stand-alone winner for more tournament wins and prize money than any other soft plastic lure. Many consider this the flipping bait of the last decade. You can fish it by itself or as a finesse jig trailer. Bass seemed challenged to resist it. The Sweet Beaver has an action similar to Carolina rig baits but is much more stable.

Golden Oldies still singing the same song

Zoom Brush Hog

The old tunes don’t stay at the top of the charts forever, but that doesn’t mean they are not just as good. Several of the old standbys still make great purchases but no longer get the great press. Products like the Zoom Brush Hog, Zoom Magnum Trick Worm and Zoom Lizard. All three of these, and their variations in sizes, are very popular lures because they are inexpensive, and they WORK! With wide varieties of sizes and colors, the Zoom Brush Hog is probably the most popular but the most popular size and colors are in the Brush Hog Baby part of the line. No particular color stands out as the “go-to” color; it’s entirely user’s preference. However, notice that there are eight different kinds of watermelon colors and that might tell you something like, “fish eat it.”

What is a Stick Jacket?

Stick Jackets

Hint: It is not anything you wear. Stick Jackets are a popular way to protect your tender and precious rods from getting beat up or tangled. It certainly has to be the easiest way to cover your rods. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is the #1 retailer in the country at over 100 sold each week. Why? Because we have the best prices and keep plenty of them in stock. Stick Jacket Rod Covers come in two types and all colors of the spectrum. Casting rod covers run $6.49 and spinning rod covers are $8.59.

We have professional customer service and free shipping

Not only do we stock the best quality of bass fishing tackle, we strive to have better prices than other fishing tackle shops. In addition, our entire staff is made up of bass tournament fishermen—pros—and love helping you find just the right fishing tackle for your fishing style and locations. We welcome in-store visitors at our Phoenix, Arizona fishing tackle shop (13615 North 35th Avenue, Suite 8 ) and would love to have you come in and see us in person, when you are in town.

Our website, of course, is available for your shopping 24/7, 365 and we will ship any $50 or more order to you free of charge for standard, ground shipping.


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