Bass fishing lures, the Bronzeye Frog and Heddon Spook, make summertime more fun


Bass Fishing Lures and Good Top-Water Fishing Are Waiting with the Frog and the Spook
bass fishing lures - spro bronzeye frog

Bass fishing lures are all over the market.  There are many interesting and effective designs to choose from; but, there are two, if you have not tried, that you can have a lot of fun with this summer.  They are the Spro Bronzeye Frog and the Heddon Zara Spook.  Both are hot, floating, plastic, top-water baits and make great summertime bass fishing lures.

Dancing Frogs

The Bronzeye Frog floats on top of the water and with your line and rod action looks very real.  The leg action is remarkable.  It’s a regular Frog Astaire!  It comes in a variety of colors and makes great fishing on ponds or lakes where there is a lot of surface vegetation.  The Bronzeye frog is one of the most enjoyable bass fishing lures especially when the bass are guarding their fry.  It has a weedless design and contains a premium Gamakatsu hook.

The idea of fishing with the Bronzeye Frog is to work them slowly by casting them out into the weed beds and hopping them into the openings.  They look like the real thing, and the bass will come up to eat them.  The Bronzeye frog is very popular, especially in western areas.

The Bronzeye Frog Knows How to Land and Look Good to a Bass

Bronzeye Frogs also work well in open water.  Either way, the frog is weighted to always land on its belly, just like the real thing, and stays balanced in the water.  The legs have a great kicking action and that makes it really hard for a bass to ignore it.  The chief advantages of this frog over others are that it is nearly impossible for it to land upside down and it does not fill up with water.  The colors are more realistic and the action of the legs is greater.

Our Recommended Frog Rod

A great rod to use with the frog is the Powell Flip, Pitch and Frog, Model 735 at $169.99.  Or, if you like to fish with a longer one, use the Model 765 at the same price.  This rod is heavy enough to fish over thick cover, but feels light in the hand.

Here’s a Reel That Should Go with It

A fine reel to go along with the rod is the Abu Garcia Revo Model SKT.  It is one of the most popular reels among professionals.  It is a low-profile baitcast reel and one of the finest they have ever designed.  It is highly corrosion-resistant with a carbon matrix drag system designed to generate up to 24 pounds of drag.  The Duragear brass gears and oversized main gear provide you with extra fish-fighting torque.  This is a top quality reel at an affordable price and should last you a lifetime.

Spooks and Bass Go Together . . . Very Well!

heddon zara spook

Another of the fun bass fishing lures to try, if you have not done so, is the Heddon Zara Spook.  This is another terrific top-water lure and can help you fish around and near surface vegetation or in wide open water when bass is up chasing baitfish.  Of all the bass fishing lures, this one has probably been written about the most.  Its most distinctive feature is its famous, walk-the-dog action as you set a rhythmic, slack-line retrieve that makes it walk from left to right, back and forth.  This lure is great for bass lying in ambush under submerged brush or rocks.  It is especially appealing to bass that are busting shad.  It comes in a variety of sizes, too.  The smallest is the Heddon Zara Puppy and the largest is the Heddon Zara Super Magnum Spook. The Super Magnum exists in response to requests for a tough lure to land the most aggressive game fish.  One has a beautiful holographic rainbow trout design, equipped with loud rattles and heavy duty hardware.  It’s tough!  Our favorites are the Super Spook Junior and the Super Spook which are the most frequently purchased and used.

Another Great Rod That Knows How to Work a Spook

A great top-water rod to fish these with is the G Loomis MBR 843c IMX which is a seven-foot rod, medium-heavy, fast action, and long-casting for $255.  Besides fishing with the Spook, these rods are very versatile.

Excellent, Fast-Retrieval Reel to Keep That Spook Going

A really quick and durable reel to accompany the G Loomis MBR 843c IMX pole is the Shimano Curado E Series Model CU-200 E7.  It is a high speed retrieval reel (7:1) that helps you to get in a lot more casts, retrieving the bait more quickly.  The new 200s only weigh about 7 1/2 ounces and is actually smaller than the previous Curado 100D.  It still holds the same amount of line is the previous 200 DHSV reel.  The CU-200 E7 is ultra-smooth and makes effortless casts.

The Rich Lines for Top-Water Bass Fishing Lures

A terrific line combination for “frogging” would include the Power-Pro Braided Line in either 50 or 65 pound test.  For “spooking” try using a mono filament line like the Stren 10 to 12 pound test in low-visibility green mono line floats making working the spook much easier.

There are a lot of top-water bass fishing lures available, including a wide range of them on our website.  However, this summer have some new fun with the frogs and spooks at Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop.  Remember, we ship free on all orders over $50.


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