Baitcasting Reels Are at the Core of Great Fishing


Baitcasting Reels Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Baitcasting reels

The term, baitcasting reels, is a throwback term to when people used these reels to cast live baits, but now almost everyone throws artificial fishing lures. There are several different manufacturers targeting the bass fishing market with baitcasting reels including one manufacturer that makes a reel for salt water fishing. The six primary manufacturers are: Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Pflueger, Quantum, and Shimano. Both Penn and Shimano Reels make baitcasting reels for salt water use. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop carries are great selection of these baitcasting reels at great prices and we have the expertise to help you use the one that fits you properly.

Baitcasting Reels Come in a Range of Price and Quality to Suit All Needs

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop carries five of the six lines of baitcasting reels in a price range from $70.00 for a novice beginner to professional quality reels up to $500.00. The greatest difference is in the quality of professional reels which are suitable for long hours of casting and fishing. The higher-priced baitcasting reels have more bearings and the operation is much smoother with higher quality drag and components. The lesser expensive reels won’t have the finesse, smoothness and superior mechanical components and are not as finely made. However, even the least expensive of the baitcasting reels have good quality and durability.

Great, High-Quality Baitcasting Reels on Sale

Among the high-quality but reasonably-priced baitcasting reels, two great ones are on sale at Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop. The Daiwa Zillion 100SHSA Anniversary Model is on sale for the great price of $229. 99. The Abu Garcia Revo STX ($149. 95) and the Abu Garcia Revo Premier (only $189.95) both will qualify for free ground shipping and that could save you over $100.00 on your purchase!  All three of these  baitcasting reels provide great quality, great service, and long life at a very good price.

Why Choose a Baitcasting Reel?

Baitcasting reels allow the fisherman more control over casting when he or she wants pinpoint accuracy and need to cast to a target. Ultimately, that provides a gentler presentation of the bait to the fish which is what we want. They control speed and gentleness of the lure and helps it land much more subtly. A spinning reel makes it more difficult to control the line.

Bait Flipping and the Best Reel for It

A flipping technique for baitcasting is designed to involve just gently dipping the lure. Any good quality baitcasting reel can be made to work with a flipping technique but the Ardent F500 Flip-N-Pitch Reel is designed specifically to satisfy the needs of flipping and is the simplest to use. It has a ceramic line eye and narrow spool that reduces line friction. It also has a permanent drag system preset for 28 pounds of pressure for strong hooksets and retrieves along with other specialized features. With a stainless steel handle, it won’t break or bend and the aluminum alloy frame provides lightweight strength. The Ardent F500 Flip-N-Pitch baitcasting reel is a great one at only $149. 99.

Selecting Your Baitcasting Reel

Before settling on what baitcasting reel to buy, consider your intended use. If you are using the reel often, choose one that is good quality with quality components including an excellent drag system. One superb choice of a good midrange-priced baitcasting reel with great quality is the Shimano Curado.

A Good Choice for Beginners

Baitcasting reels for beginners

If you are new to this game and do not get out to fish very often, then you may want to start with one that is less expensive. Pretty much all modern baitcasting reels are suitable and work well, but the lesser expensive ones simply will not cast quite as far as they do not run the line as freely, and will not stand up to regular, daily use over the long haul. One that would be a terrific reel for a beginner is the Pflueger Echelon. It is good quality but lacks some of the advanced features. You can have it for only $69.95 (and free ground shipping, of course).

Retrieve Rates Depend on What You Are Casting

Some reels, like the Shimano Curado E Series come in a variety of styles with various retrieve ratios. If you like fishing with crankbaits, then you would want a reel with a 5:1 retrieve ratio and a casting rod. You can use up to 7. 3:1 ultra-high speed retrieve and that allows you to get the bait in quickly and cast it back out to another spot such as you would want with topwater baits or a high-speed lipless vibrating crankbaits, such as a rattletrap.

Whatever your choice for baitcasting reels, Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has one just for you. Along with our great prices and items on sale, you can save even more money with our free ground shipping on purchases $50 and over.


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