Fisherman’s Choice Announces Winner for the “Win $500 in Fishing Tackle” Winter ‘10 Sweepstakes

Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is pleased to announce the winner of the “Win $500 in Fishing Tackle” Winter ‘10 Sweepstakes. Congratulations John Karbowski!

We notified John earlier this week and had this to say:

“I am extremely excited to win and appreciate everything that Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has done to make this happen. The people that I have talked to that work for the company have been extremely helpful, providing tips and information on products that they carry.  They are very knowledgeable and can be relied on to provide genuine answers when asked about the fishing products that they sell.

I create a ‘want list’ of rods, reels, and tackle that I’d like to purchase before each season and winning this sweepstakes will allow me to purchase many of the things on my list for the 2011 fishing season. Some of my favorite brands include: Strike King, Yamamoto soft plastics, Lucky Craft, Cavitron Buzzbaits, and Gambler Lures.”

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Sebile Lures are Winning and You Can Share the Limelight

Unique, Interesting, and Fun to Catch Fish

Sebile LuresSebile Lures is an international bait making and marketing company that creates unique bass fishing tackle that are very popular among fishermen. Sebile Lures is the manufacturer that you many have heard of at the ICAST 2009 show. They won the best soft bait award with their Magic Swimmer bass lure. The Magic Swimmer has been on center stage at this year’s professional tournaments and has helped anglers capture fish and win hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bass lures come with a soft weight system that won the Best Accessory Tournament Tackle shown at 2010 ICAST in Las Vegas and is now available to you. (more…)

Strike King Crankbaits: Tournament Winners at Great Prices

The Red Eye is Up and Running at This Year’s Big Tournaments

Strike King CrankbaitsStrike King Crankbaits make one of the hottest crankbaits of the year, the Strike King Red Eye Shad 1/2 ounce lipless, vibrating shad. The Red Eye Shad has been on of the winning fishing lures at several of this year’s huge tournaments. At first sight, the Red Eye might remind you of a Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, but the similarity ends with the appearance. Strike King crankbaits come in numerous sizes and colors and are adorned with large, bright eyes of red and gold. There are more than thirty-five different colors of these bass lures, just in the half-ounce size alone! Other varieties include the Red Eye Shad 1/4 ounce and Red Eye Shad 3/4 ounce. That allows you when fishing with crankbaits to either downsize a little, or to scale up to pull giants out of the water. (more…)

Temple Fork Outfitters Rods: A New Line on Gary Loomis Quality

An “Expensive” Rod for Under $100!

Temple Fork Outfitters Rods, the Gary Loomis Signature Series, have entered the market with a new approach to economical quality. What makes this introduction unusual is the name of the man behind their design: Gary Loomis. Gary Loomis is the same man who founded, and formerly owned, G. Loomis Rods which makes some of the best designed (and most expensive) rods available. Temple Fork Outfitters Rods benefits from Gary’s design talents but are focused on being a much more affordable line of fishing rods. Temple Fork Outfitters Rods (TFO) wants to get high quality rods into the hands of potential anglers who would otherwise not spend the necessary $400 or so to get a high-quality G. Loomis rod. TFO high-quality rods can be purchased for under $100. They call this “the affordable high-performance approach to fishing rods.” What ever they call it, you will call it very thoughtfully designed.

Temple Fork Outfitters Rods


Deep Diving Crankbaits for Greater Depths of Fishing Enjoyment

Deep diving crankbaits are a real surprise to bass. Designed for fishing at much greater depths than bass normally see crankbaits, these special bass fishing lures can suck them in and bring a lot of enjoyment to your fishing excursions.

For Norman, Deep Diving is Normal

Deep Diving CrankbaitsDeep diving crankbaits have been made very popular by Norman, a fishing lures manufacturing company. The Norman DD22 is probably the most popular in the line. As the name suggests, the target area for the DD22 is for deep diving at about 22 feet. There are two models: the Standard Norman DD22 and the Norman Suspend DD22. That gives anglers two ways and two techniques to catch fish at this depth. The Standard version dives pretty quickly to that depth and if stopped slowly starts to float back up. The Suspend version dives to that depth and then lingers, lurking around without moving much. It slowly wanders around “looking” for fish. When you begin cranking it in, the Suspend version starts moving again. The one disadvantage we see to the suspend version is that if it gets stuck in a limb it won’t float back up where the Standard one will.

Both of the Norman models come in many different colors. The Suspend model comes in seven. The Standard DD22 comes in almost fifty different models. There is a color for everybody and every fish. (more…)

Fishing with Crankbaits Is Very Popular

The Many Variations of Crankbaits Means There Is Something for Every Situation

Fishing with crankbaits involves a great imitation of a bait fish. Because they appear so realistic, the bass love to come up on them to try and catch a good meal. Many manufacturers of crankbaits create them in a multitude of brands, colors, sizes and shapes.  Except for the lipless vibrating crankbaits like the Rattletrap each hard bait has a distinctive bill that makes the movements of each unique and suitable for many fishing situations. (more…)

Fishing Drop Shots: Techniques for Easy Catching

Weights below the Hook Give Bass a Better View

Fishing drop shots involves a technique for tying the hooks on a line and then placing the weight below the hook. In that way, when the weight hits the bottom, the hook is suspended in clear view of the bass. This was actually a common technique for many of us who fished as children, but that is where the similarity ends. For bass fishing, this technique is considered a finesse technique using lighter lines and smaller baits. The aim is to fish for less-active fish that are not prone to chasing reaction baits. Fish look at the suspended lures as an easy meal.

The Rod Makes a Difference in This Technique

Fishermen can use smaller reels and a more efficient setup when fishing drop shots loaded with the lighter test fluorocarbon line. That provides a lighter rig overall. Specialty hooks are also available for dropshotting and there are even hooks specifically designed for nose hooking the lure or fishing it Texas rig style. You’ll find this technique is very effective at pulling in more than a few bass. (more…)

Spoon Fishing, a Technique Deadly to Fish

Are You Ready to Spoon Up the Fish?

Spoon fishing is a deadly technique to use for catching many kinds of fish, and Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop carries spoons for fishing everything from trout, to pike, to bass. From the tiniest trout to the largest bass spoons work great and the new flutter-spoon technique is taking bass fishing by storm. With a wide variety in spoon fishing lures, Fisherman’s Choice is one of the best bass fishing tackle shops to help you find the bass fishing tackle you need for the type of angling you enjoy.

The Best of Spoons

Spoon fishing is done with lures as small as 1/16 ounce and 1 inch long up to more than 5 inches. One of the best known baits for spoon fishing is the Acme Kastmaster Spoon. Acme Kastmaster Spoons come in 1/12 ounce1/8 ounce1/4 ounce3/8 ounce1/2 ounce3/4 ounce1 ounce1 1/2 ounces, and 2 ounces. Fisherman’s Choice has them all in stock. (more…)

Are Hard and Soft Jerk Baits Confusing You?

How Many Does It Take to Catch a Fish?

bass fishingJust one. But which one depends a lot on where and when you are fishing. Jerk baits come in many colors, sizes, and shapes and the point of them all is to mimic the bait fish the bass are feeding on at the time. With so many to chose from, you may need some advice on which ones to pick and when. Here are a few basics to get started.

How to Narrow Down the Choices

Jerk baits come in over forty different models made by ten different manufacturers. They are sometimes referred to as jerk baits and at other times, rip baits or slash baits. Each name sounds exciting and all of them are fun to fish. The best known makers of jerk baits areLucky Craft Lures, RapalaSebile, and Jackall Lures. Luckycraft makes seventeen different models and Rapala makes seven. When looking for the Rapala models, also look for minnow-style baits which come in the traditional floating or sinking types. If you include the minnow baits in the Rapala line, you can count on an additional nineteen different models there. Rebel is another great manufacturer of inexpensive rip baits. (more…)

Chatterbaits Give Bass the Shivers

What’s All The Chatter About Chatterbait?

Chatterbaits, a popular type of bass fishing tackle , really cause a buzz among fishermen. We even carry a large collection of custom colors of the Phenix Vibrator Jigs, by far the most popular, made especially for Fisherman’s Choice’spro bass shop and carried exclusively on our website and in our store.

Chatterbait – Interesting Designs and Effective Bass Attracters

Phenix Vibrator JigWhat exactly are chatterbaits? Sometimes also commonly referred to as vibrating baits, they are essentially a bass jig that has had a vertical blade placed on the front of it. Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop has eight different models of these bass fishing lures from three different manufacturers including the Phenix Vibrator Jig, the Booyah Boogie, and the Revenge Vibrator Jig 1/2 ounce and 3/8 ounce. The most popular is the Phenix Vibrator Jigs because of their superior quality and variety of sizes: 1/4 ounce3/8 ounce1/2 ounce5/8 ounce, and 3/4 ounce.

Some of the more popular colors, which are exclusive to Fisherman’s Choice Pro Shop is “Violet Addiction.” It is colored with white, green, and a little purple and has a silver hologram blade. Another bait which has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in competition fishing is the “Dark Green Pumpkin with Black Blade.” (more…)